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  1. Our Jamie

    The irish commentators used to be funny as fcuk. Eamon dunphy was writing a biography for roy keane then went out and slaughtered him. He was took off air at one early morning world cup commentary for been pissed. They even came on air and said he couldn't return because he was under the weather. People loved him after that and couldn't get enough of him. Tv gold. I can't load it I'm on young lads tablet and it's restricted. Google him drunk.
  2. PETA

    How far behind do you think medical research is because they stopped operating on humans during genocide? I bet it was a wealth of knowledge kept quiet that was shared after in nazi interrogation.I wouldn't like to be a blond haired, blue eyed twin though.
  3. Our Jamie

    To be fair I'm a Utd fan but carragher, Neville and keown are all bellends , stick linekar in there if there is room. Roy Keane, Souness and Vinny Jones I would have a beer with and maybe Cantona because he would give a romantic story about how you smack somebody without feeling guilty. As a proper footballer with passion for his club ,I'd ask Mattew le tisser why he stayed with Southampton when he could of played for any team in the world, that's commitment.
  4. Brexit Thread Redux

    I honestly dont think the Irish are worried about money, it's more of a pride thing because most got by all their lives with just about enough to live on.They don't care for Leo Varadkar either. They listened to stories from their grandparents at the kitchen table that were never made public and hopefully in 1 or 2 generations that will be forgotten about. If you are sitting at home eating sour bread in some shithole when someone else is eating steak on a large estate or manor then that seems to stay sour for a long time. I actually like English people and have some very good friends there. The hatred isn't as bad as it used to be and most have moved on but go back 2 or 3 generations when you didn't live here wilf then yes it was there. If you were talking an example then it was similar to Muslims been in Britain now. Most on here that want to tell Ireland to shut there little mouths and obey are quiet happy to execute every invader on their own ground. It has healed a lot and hopefully in my lifetime or my young kids then it will be left in the past. I was talking to my cousins english husband and he was astonished at the amount of history classes that the irish have about invasions at school. He asked me why he never had that in his school and the only answer was that before the world wars then there wasnt much to admit too because ye never had invasions unless it was colonys fighting back.
  5. Our Jamie

    I think he represents liverpool fairly well as a club and roll model🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 At least Eric Cantona would of got out of the car and gave the dad a kick in the chest instead of spitting on kids. Only joking it fcuks up liverpool if they let him back and he knows he won't ever get the Bobby Charlton hero status treatment in anfield again and wont want him representing them an that will hurt him. HOPE he doesn't go back there for his own sake or proper men like Graham Souness will give him a headbutt.
  6. You can edit other people's posts when quoting them. Sometimes by accident.
  7. Terrier mistakes

    Could be something underlying I've heard of dogs doing it if they are sick from a virus or Injured (not from work but maybe broken ribs or something you haven't discovered from a slip of the spade) It depends if you are willing to bring him to vet and get a blood test, xray and if something shows up maybe a couple of months rest and he might turn around. Come next September I wouldn't be making excuses for him though so it's up to you whether you wanted to wait 6 months. It's you that is feeding him. I'd hold off on breeding him unless he improved.
  8. Irritated paws

  9. It's going on here

    Seriously at what point those the ring start. Loads of women walked by in the pub and I said look at the rack on that. At what point do they say that about kids. One sick cnuts maybe but 2 sorry but I'm up for manslaughter
  10. It's going on here

    Who is throwing first me or you. I have something in my hand that would solve that. What annoys me is not him he is only a weasel and I could kill him with one hand. It's the cnuts that drink with him that make these things thrive. They fell out me and pulled me back from smacking him. I came away from the situation as the bad one.
  11. It's going on here

    As sick as it sounds I can understand one cnut been sick but at what point do they sit in the pub and say to their mates come on let's rape a kid and make a paedophile ring. If I was approached with that conversation then they would be paying a visit to the dentist after losing some teeth and that would be minor. There is one guy drinks in our local and he done time in prison for molesting a very young family member. I'm sick telling my mates what he is and they still play darts and pool with him. One of my mates even has a video on Facebook of them singing in the pub together. It's shocking what people will except because that was 20 years ago. They even argued with me because I told him to f**k off or I'd slap him.

    The bit i dont understand is if its a couple of generations down the line and it fails then it's not my breeding but if they are working out of there skin then yeah he got that blood from me.🤣🤣🤣 I'm just talking in general by the way and nobody in particular because that happens across the board.
  13. Cheating b*****d

    No but it will stop you rolling out of the bed