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  1. Positive familiarisation starts here

    Beat feck out of him with a a dead chicken and hang it off his collar for a week Come on WILF you shouldn't need to be told that!!
  2. wolf hound x greyhound pups

    Used to see a woman in the paper shop every morning with her wolfhound where I used to live, she's kept them all her life and said you're lucky to get 6 years out of them before they start falling apart and need PTS. I asked once why she would still keep them and not get a deerhound or something similar that could live a long healthy life and she didn't really have an answer.
  3. wolf hound x greyhound pups

    Looks like they're second generation or linebred wolfhound x grey if those are the parents? If you're wanting to use it on coyote I'd imagine the biggest boldest dog pup would be your best bet unless there's a bitch that really stands out to you. Keep us updated if you end up getting one would be good to see how it turns out
  4. Lily Allen and the refugees

    Ricky gives loads to all sorts of charities, he donated £1million to a local children's charity and has given loads more to various local and national appeals. And aye BB you're correct he served time for his involvement in the flying pickets in the 70s. He was one of the "Shrewsbury Two"
  5. Brilliant vet

    dihydrogen monoxide
  6. Tyson fury

    Owen would bum him into submission
  7. My name is Lenny..

    Fair play to them for it too. Reminds me of that quote from Michael Caine when someone asked him about Jaws 3 "I've never seen it but by all accounts it's terrible. However I have seen the house that it bought and it's terrific."
  8. Brilliant vet

    You'd have to ask your vet exactly what homeopathic "medicine" he's using. Antivenom and venom immunotherapy aren't the same thing as homeopathy at all, homeopathic "medicine" is diluted to such a degree it's literally just water, it relies on the idea that water has a "memory" of what's been in it after it's been diluted and agitated in a certain way.
  9. My name is Lenny..

    I don't think Danny Dyer would ever claim to be a hard man himself, he's well aware he just plays one (badly sometimes! ) always come across as an alright lad IMO.
  10. My name is Lenny..

    Tried watching it but his fecking gurning made it impossible to get into it. Girl playing his wife was a bit of alright though
  11. Brilliant vet

    Homeopathy isn't using plants as medicine it's a whole different (and thoroughly debunked) philosophy of how illness comes about and how it can be cured. It's based on the idea that "like cures like" and giving a small, incredibly diluted dose of the thing that caused the illness will cure it. Homeopathic treatments are so heavily diluted there's literally no active ingredients in them (which is a good thing in a lot of cases because if there were they'd be deadly!) so any positive effects from the treatment can only come from placebo or the bodies natural healing mechanisms.
  12. Brexit Thread Redux

    Chancellor Philip Hammond attacks Donald Trump's tax cuts
  13. Wheaton bull grey

    That's sent me over the edge Navek. Made a right old mess
  14. Wheaton bull grey

    Don't worry pal I'll just crack one out using my imagination
  15. Wheaton bull grey

    Any pics?