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  1. best logun axsor reg? fac

    i want to drive the AA field 16g about 940 ish. had excellent results with an fac airwolf (17in) driving then at 950 but thats been sold. and prefer to keep the axsor logun (19in) as it only stands me at 400£. plus the axsor is just as accurate as the airwolf was. I have a very accurate .22lr so don't want to go heavier than the aa field 16g. i'm not sure about air volume but currently my axsor (non regulated) sweet spot is pushing the 16g aa field at about 970-980 at peak fps. starting lower and ending lower. maybe it will do 940 ish with reg? basically I want to buy a very good reg that will fit in a logun axsor if anyone can recommend a top notch reg and bonus if they fitted it too an axsor or very similar. It seems the huma is the favorite so far as has been recommended. however if anyone knows of a better reg i'd be interested to know.
  2. best logun axsor reg? fac

    huma sound interesting i wonder if they make one for the logun axsor just looking to get a consistent 950 fps from the AA field 16g
  3. I have a logun axsor fac and looking to get it regulated. can anyone recommend a good reg for an fac logun axsor or has anyone tried a reg, did it work ok?
  4. 12g winchester xtr 101 sporter


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    12G Winchester xtr 101 over & under shotgun 28"


  5. 12g winchester xtr 101 sporter

    View Advert 12g winchester xtr 101 sporter 12G Winchester 101 over & under shotgun 28" Advertiser riflehunter583 Date 12/11/17 Price £420.00 Category Shotguns  
  6. I Have No Idea Why....

    even if you didn't see a squirrel its worth getting up for the sunrise and being in the great outdoors!!
  7. Can't Decide On A Scope

    2.5 - 15 x 56 would be my choice
  8. A Useful Hobby

    theres a gang of em!
  9. A Useful Hobby

    some get paid to shoot others do it for the sport at least this sport is actually useful at times. Tagged these two living under my deck, started getting in the loft. These larger ones don't want to go in the traps. https://photos.app.goo.gl/7PCFupwvDlALzOY42
  10. Ppu's Or Hornday

    it would be interesting to know the facts, us vs europe demand especially as europe's population is twice the size of the us population, and many swiss people shoot as do former soviet union countries and Scandinavian countries
  11. Ppu's Or Hornday

    if i were you i would just decide which is the most accurate and use that only. its not really needed to use cheaper ammo to get on paper. if you look through the bore with bolt out and ajust scope too bore you can start to find zero then fine tune with most accuarte ammo choice
  12. Rimfire Shells

    if i were you i would try eley hollow or eley edge (made in uk!) winchester hollow maybe lapua cci can be ok
  13. ok I wanted to get my rifle crown re worked as accuracy was bellow par. it could of been many things, but i estimated it was the crown. i also decided to shorten the rifle too 16 inchs for a change and re thread it for mod again. after pondering where to go and where not to go! i came across a shotgun smith who recommended a chap in the midlands called mid countries blacking. website here. http://www.midcountiesblacking.co.uk/cgi-bin/mcbweb.exe/cgi_home?Live=1 I'm very happy with the work and would highly recommend this smith to anyone. I dealt with a chap called Darren and he did a nice job of the crown. Very nice chap to deal with and genuinely wanted to help. I might add that the rifle is now shooting as it should again. very accurate, after the work. Thumbs up for mid countries blacking.
  14. Looking For A 223

    never had a browning in 223. but i have a browning in 22lr. if they make 223's like 22lr's based on my rifle yours should be a good one. its build quality is superior than any 22lr i have come across. accuracy is very very good also. but saying that my browning is an older model. sometimes even the best makes can make a friday afternoon rifle and some of the worse brand can sometimes make a good rifle. it can be a lottery with any brand. so its worth considering that as well as brand. if possible its always good to try before buying especially second hand. it can be a lottery as its also about ammo matching the gun not always will a realy good branded gun match local ammo availability. as for Remington. my guess is they are thrown together quickly. - get what you pay for. both the remmington 700's in 223 I have owned shot quarter inch moa or a little less, but i had to replace the trigger's for that and stocks. and reload. i would say rem build quality is average. probable not as good out of the box compared to tikka. tikka and remmington 700's are very up-gradable. an upgraded rem can outshoot a tikka IF you are lucky and get a good one. but there is more chance of getting a good tikka out the box as production standards are tighter, tikka also do some nice older models. saying that i love my remmington 700, and after the upgrades and work she shoots nice. but be prepared to spend extra on a rem. howa are not bad quality for the price. what ever is brought there is a good chance you will want to upgrade something. the trigger is worth upgrading on many makes in my opinion. and JEWELL make ammmmmmazzing triggers. might be worth considering what upgrades available before you buy the rifle if wanting to upgrade. where possible try before buying as everyone might recommend a make or model then you yourself don't like it for personal preference reasons. one mans poison is another mans wine.
  15. anyone know how much these airgun mods are worth second hand? 3 inch long and reasonably effective on 12ftlb air guns. 1/2 inch unf