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  1. Trying to work things out

    The bullx is bred right don’t worry about that haha
  2. Marking !

    Funny thing with that bitch of mine she will mark anything to ground but if Iv not got a ferret she wont mark rabbits like she half knows it’s pointless
  3. Marking !

    Thanks mate she’s 6 in June time fly’s when your having fun ! None at the moment as I just brung a pup in if she doesn’t make what I want then maybe il breed her
  4. Marking !

    I do like a lurcher to mark and his bitch does love to mark !
  5. Forest and hill hunting.

    Definitely! I think Avril would of been some bitch with more time she could hunt that’s for sure !
  6. Forest and hill hunting.

    Best dog Iv seen for this work Is colliebullgrey or houndx ! Seen dogs travel over a mile in the day hunting and some real good hunts ! There’s a different between a dog that can hunt and a hill dog ! A lot of dogs are use to stuff getting up infront of them
  7. whos working lakeys this season?

    mates got a Lakeland dog very good dog dug 5 him times in a day and he must have over 100 digs to him ! Big strong dog
  8. Show Us Your White Dog's

    Anyone breeding a tidy litter next summer give me a shout I’m after something for fox work ! Got plenty work for it!
  9. Boxing Day !

    I know he reads this forum now and then hope he can pm me his number
  10. Working dogs

    Oh your not suppose to agree lol I’m shit with photos and writing about what Iv done lol dog caught it job done some people can right a essay out of anything
  11. Working dogs

    I don’t work mine I just like having them and talking a good hunt !
  12. Boxing Day !

    I spent a wet day Boxing Day with a terrierman I have asked a mutuel friend for your number you will probably know who you are by reading this lol it was long wet day in middle of no where lol
  13. Team photo !

    He’s with a friend pain In the arse all bitches and a dog unwanted pups and so on
  14. Team photo !

    One in the middle is a bullx 7/16 9/16 toward the grey ! Blue one is colliebullgrey and little one on left is the pup gwpgreyxcolliegrey
  15. Team photo !

    The little one? She’s gwpgreyxcolliegrey she’s only 4 months old gone be a right lump