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  1. Wales1234

    Bloody dogs

    That’s why my terriers stay on the lead
  2. Wales1234

    Fishing Comp 2018

    I’m going away on the Sunday but try get down Friday night Saturday day for a bit
  3. Wales1234

    Lurcher pup

    I find it odd my lurchers listen well and are pretty much well behaved in a nut shell then I have my house pet Russell I spent a the most time with because she in the house and generally comes everywhere with me and that little b*****d doesn’t listen to a word I say edit to say my working terriers listen pretty well aswell In most situations besides the obvious
  4. Wales1234

    Hill hunting lurchers

    I wish i could mate it’s life at the moment for 2 lurcher and tbh more than 2 now with blokes I go out with be a right pain in the arse , iv been very lucky having my uncles place didn’t have to worry but now it’s keep what I can and what can be worked if I ended up with just a pup and no old dogs for a season that’s what it would have to be
  5. Wales1234

    Hill hunting lurchers

    Iv thought about it and if I needed to iv got a dog lined up for her , but iv only got room for two lurchers now and the gwpx pup is here and showing goods signs so probably won’t ever happen
  6. Wales1234

    Hill hunting lurchers

    My bitch covers rocks really quickly she’s only 24 but got deerhound and collie in her she skips across the rough ground easily !
  7. Feck all that nonsense get a gwpxgrey over a collie x and your away to go !!
  8. Wales1234

    Hill hunting lurchers

    Iv got a wedding abroad and leaving that weekend I’m gone try and pop down for one of the days mate hopefully
  9. Wales1234

    Hill hunting lurchers

    Yea like dabhand said hound blood and collie blood is a given all best ones Iv seen have that blood , a lot to do with it is how their brung on a dog that’s constantly being called back as a pup isn’t gone really range as they get older
  10. Wales1234

    Hungover food

    Hangovers are the one thing that really stops me drinking , i generally don’t drink anymore if so very rarely it’s just means a day of death and a lost day so I just don’t bother but when I was it was usually two pints of water and tablets then a massive dominos
  11. Wales1234


    People bodies shape are different , everyone metabolism is different some people can’t look at a pie and gain weight ! Even genetics makes a difference ! My cousin runs miles plays rugby very fit bloke but fat as f**k my brother is in hell of shape but could never run like my cousin just different body types , im a fat shit but I can shift easy fatest winger in my league lol but two weeks of training and bit of dieting I can drop silly weight
  12. Wales1234


    When my lurcher bitch is in the yard she’s a right f****r to any dog she doesn’t know or human for that matter but off the yard out and about hunting Iv seen her being chased my Yorkshire terriers and all sorts also If she’s in a kennel and another dog she doesn’t know approaches her she loses her shit , all my terriers are chilled out when at home even when just walking about they do chase the lurcher pup around like idiots but that’s just playing
  13. Wales1234


    Same old same old for me , bed by half 9 misses talks my head off till about 10 , get up at 6 walk the dogs and clean the kennels work 8-4.15 then walk dogs again same at weekends just no work lol
  14. Wales1234

    Coincidences, de ja vu etc

    I tend to spot double numbers on a clock , night before my driving test I won’t up dreaming of a car crash where I seen head lights coming towards me and a flash and woke up few years lately had the exact crash lol had de ju vu a few times and iv stoppped what I’m doing and start freaking lol
  15. Wales1234

    Gwpx Pup

    Love to know what dog iv sold on that hasn’t made the grade or dog iv sold on full stop