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  1. Whats Going On In London?

    A bloke on tv saying what he saw. 3 Muslim guys stabbing people saying this is for hala. It's about time these smelly c**ts had a taste of there medicine f**k hala
  2. Rats In Mcdonalds Car Park Oldbury

    I agree with you in point . When I've been there the problem seems to be the bins arnt emptied enough . Every single bin in chock full. Then people start pushing and wedging rubbish in and bits fall etc. Totally agree mate! The bins are always overflowing and some peeople just throw their leftovers on the deck! ATBI was at Meadowhall train station last week waiting on the train was about half ish and the rats was up and the platform and in the bins there all over hard to control them
  3. Rats In Mcdonalds Car Park Oldbury

    Dirty c**ts throwing there rubbish all over the floor and not using the bins
  4. Chest Freezer

  5. Chest Freezer

    Sure is mate good working order.if no one wants it by the weekend it's going to the tip.
  6. Chest Freezer

    Anyone need gone asap
  7. Chest Freezer

    Not needed anymore it's about 2ft square and around 3ft deep collection Barnsley
  8. Never Seen Anything Like It

    Horrible dirty smelly c**ts. You should have thrown a joint of pork in the middle of the lot and videoed it lol
  9. Can Am Quad

    My mate ad one pal he loves them not cheap mind but got back what he paid. He's now looking at getting another ad he keeps saying he wished he never sold it He's been looking at the new model one with the radiator on the front end
  10. Big Thanks.

    Never a truer word spoken mate. Strong dog him mate got your hands full there. Do you hear much about the white golly dog you ad?
  11. Fog You B4Stard

    With the way they have been playing at the minute mate I would have been glad the flight was cancelled lol. Be nothing left of that team next season. Be new manager and all new players.
  12. What Did These Morons Expect?

    If that's was the dad the smelly c**ts would not have been anywhere near my family
  13. New Dog

    Nice little dog mate. You can see the patterdale in it
  14. Netflix

    I never read the link you put up mate my bad lol
  15. Netflix

    There some realy good docs on it check out one called blackfish its about killer whales in captivity. SeaWorld orca Tilikum who killed trainer dieshttp://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-38531967 Tilikum is now at the sea world in Tenerife they just use him for shows at the then end of other shows they don't swim with him tho