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    good luck with finding decent homes, I've always fancied another deer hound cross but I don't have the work for another lurcher at the moment
  2. Gate Net For Hares

    Once the hare is in the net do they struggle like feck or do they usually go still? Ive found some spun polyester in my net making stuff and I reckon it could be the stuff to use, since it seems best to not over gun the nets too much?
  3. Gate Net For Hares

    I have some stuff that a mate gave me. He reckons its what they make trawler nets with. It holds foxes pretty good, could be the same stuff?
  4. Gate Net For Hares

    Probably use the same stuff I make fox nets from. Whats recommended?
  5. Gate Net For Hares

    I am planning to make a few hare stop/gate nets. What size mesh boards do most people use?
  6. Observation

    Going by some of the things I've read I think this is the wrong place for literature lessons
  7. Collie/herding Crosses

    Ok I know this has probably been done to death, but I'm just wondering which type of collies people have experience with and what they like/don't like? I prefer welsh collies as they are a bit more independent than a border but a bit more part of a team than bearded and kelpies.
  8. Lurchers And Birds...

    If by corn you mean wheat try maize. If you already mean maize then theres not much they prefer
  9. Doubling Up Dogs

    MixedGrill, Is it an old bloke from North Wales that doubles them up?
  10. On our place we shoot vermin on the rearing field and in and around the release pens with shotguns and centrefires. If anything it seems to help on a shoot day as the pheasants don't take it personally.
  11. Ir Lenses

    I sussed they are dirty, that's why I asked how to clean them
  12. Ir Lenses

    Alright folks. Bought a second hand Archer a couple of months back. I have found it works well, but when I turn the IR on its abit like looking at the moon..... Any tips on how to clean the lense please?
  13. Changed My Mind About The Hutch

    I was told that when rearing young ferrets, keep them in a low cage so that they get used to you towering over them.... but I find they get used to you when you let em play on the lawn... any thoughts?
  14. Archer Nv

    I use a hawke frontier
  15. .243 Reloaders

    I have about 150 .243 cases if anybody wants them? in North wales