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  1. Winter warmer

    bloody hell micky that is a lot of pepper lol
  2. Winter warmer

    bloody stunning great job I love my food and cooking when i get time. There is a group on fb called Game For The Table and nearly every post has me drooling over me laptop
  3. Braking a ferret to a terrier

    sounds familiar lol
  4. Pigs 2017

    wow mouth watering stuff
  5. the badgers could do with a little tuning

    open ground like that is just criminal lol
  7. Last time the moon was down after a night lamping the next morning he came out his crate with bit of a limp. He had a swollen toe. Didn't think to much of and next day was down and he was walking and running around off lead fine.We didn't go out while when the moon was up but couple of nights ago 3 rabbits in a row and I noticed his foot bothering him so called it a night. Swollen again next day. Can touch it and move it about ok.Walks on it fine but I can see this flaring up again if I don't bite the bullet and get him on lead for a week or two. this is two days on now from lamping I keep the nails down but not enough i guess. Lesson learnt
  8. Compost

    i use the bedding as it is straw but not the shite. Just had a google and found this https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/composting/manures/ferret-poop-in-compost.htm
  9. The new format

    its is harder to view new posts you can click on activity but it only shows the first few then you have to piss about show more and more. Can't be arsed it is hard to find out what is going on
  10. Braking a ferret to a terrier

    Ferrets are lactose intolerant apparently so don't over do the milk an egg would be better. STill amazes me i used to feed bread and milk as a kid just because the old fella said thats what you did. The poor sods no wonder they loved a rabbit when they got one
  11. Braking a ferret to a terrier

    yes the old milk or egg trick certainly takes there minds off things and keeps the ferrets still lol
  12. Lurchers That Tree ???

    Great thread bring back memories of where the red fern grows lol. Some great pictures very interesting I thought any dog would tree some thing I guess its what happens next is the important bit. I either shoot the squirrel or if I don't have the gun just encourage or lead him away. He has enough bad habits with out yapping up trees lol
  13. Rip poppy

    Great shame. It is a dangerous job for sure. Amazing how they do it at all but you couldn't stop a good one if you wanted too
  14. Ferreting

    My 6 month old hob bolted his first at the weekend. I had been carrying him around with an old jill waiting for the right spot. Which was a nice little 4 holer I have a dog so got a nice a mark so pretty perfect situation After a little hesitation in he went then a few seconds later rumble rumble out comes the rabbit with the ferret right behind The ferret is quite a steady good sized fella so the time just seemed right. Great fun starting the young stock off
  15. Braking a ferret to a terrier

    It is a tricky one for sure. I have seen my old hob who is dead now chase my 26 inch lurcher around the yard. The dog did his best to get out the way but in the end started snarling over his shoulder and I got hold of the ferret sharpish before the dog did. My old jill on the other hand the dog will let her walk around his feet no problem as he trusts her. The two young hobs he don't trust and I don't let them mix. In the field all is well because he can get out the way