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  1. Neem Oil

    neem oil is brilliant , comes from a tree in india i think and the seeds are what are sometimes used in rosery beads its a marvellous tree , i swear by it , it has loads of applications plants and animals
  2. In The Nick Of Time

    jigsaw hows the dog getting on ? sorry not been on here for seems ages ..
  3. 4X4 Roof Lamp..?

  4. Thinking of getting a Deben lamping kit , for the roof of the 4x4 I have just bought, which has a hole cut out already, which is the best one? LED, Bulb, Dimmable/non-dimmable etc etc......
  5. Anyone Guess

    bet shes got a fanny like a vandalised bus seat..
  6. Graphic Design, Websites Etc

    pm sent
  7. What Has Nasa Found On Mars?

    lord lucan riding shergar..?
  8. are these still for sale..?
  9. how much for your lurcher books p.m me .prices..?
  10. Dog Wormers

  11. Dog Wormers

    who on here does dog wormers , the good ones that kill lungworm etc ,and that except paypal..? brought some last year , brilliant but forgot who i got them off..?
  12. pm , me your prices for your lurcher books
  13. Could Corbyn Rescue Labour ?

    doesn't matter who you vote for, they all come into power with 1 house and leave with 8..? darcy is that one of the nolans in your avatar..?
  14. Lurcher Showing Does And Donts

    turn up..?
  15. Any Tilers?

    if the floots a bit uneven/shit get a bag of self levelling compound mix poor on , and then you,ll have a good surface to start from .. like everything its all in the prep