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  1. Haye vs Bellew Rematch Postponed

    I thought he'd retired again. Can't take him seriously.
  2. How's it going?

    S'mae butty.
  3. Haye vs Bellew Rematch Postponed

    At least Bellew has a boxing licence.
  4. Getting There With N133 Recipe

    Thanks. I've tried a lot of different loads since I posted this topic and I keep coming back to 24.0gr N133 with a 53gr v-max. I've no idea what ft/sec it's running at but it's by far the most accurate in my gun and kills them stone dead.
  5. Due to Haye having a "freak accident" in training. Seems to be a common occurrence these days. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/boxing/42056678
  6. Airbags

    Well dinner was very late, but I had a pot noodle to keep me going.
  7. Airbags

    Just a small Citroen thing. Bit smaller now.
  8. Airbags

    She's fine thanks. Just a bit shook up. Now she's going down the "what-if?" route. IF she had stopped for diesel when she was going to then that wouldn't have happened. Maybe not, but it could have been a tractor coming that way 10 minutes later and it would have been a lot worse. They can fix a car.
  9. Airbags

    Mrs W had a fairly heavy front end crunch in her car yesterday. She had nearly stopped but the bellend coming the other way just ploughed into her. I think the car is written off as it's done the bonnet, front valance, bumper, grill and both wings. It's definitely bent something underneath too. None of the airbags went off, so how hard does the impact need to be to set them off?
  10. Manson dead.

    Should never have been allowed to get so old.
  11. It WAS in 2011. I reckon that's over 10% now.
  12. Don't see any here. Which is nice. But the bigger cities like Swansea and Cardiff have their fair share.
  13. To be fair that was 6 years ago so the number must have increased a lot since then, and it doesn't include all the illegal ones who weren't registered in the census.
  14. New forum set up,quick question

    If you click leaderboard at the top of the page and play about with various options, you should be able to see. Eventually.
  15. New forum set up,quick question

    I think it's the days you had the most "liked" content.