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  1. Haye vs Bellew Rematch Postponed

    Fury should just let his promoter do his job and he do his in the gym and take each fight has it comes has much as I dislike him I think he has the beating of most out there if not all if he keeps himself clean and focused
  2. A message from Gnasher.

    I would rather sit in Nashs company than the spineless cowards that he sometimes spoke to on here and always said it how it was can't say fairer than that
  3. Half cross bull greyhound

    Why ginger they are what they are
  4. Jill’s wanted .. Yorkshire

    I wasn't after starting anything vin was just curious and thankyou for your answer the best ferret I have owned was a blind hob sadly no longer with us but would go all day whether bolt or kill he always stuck to his task and far better suited to bigger warrens than Jill's I had I was just curious that's all whether you do the bigger warrens that are up there or just stick to the tight ones
  5. Jill’s wanted .. Yorkshire

    Vin what made you go hobs only on the dales just out of curiosity
  6. horrible vermin

    Seen that jiggy most were concerned they had docked tails or they were being kept outside that the actual theft
  7. Pirlo, worthy of a mention

    How do you lads rate le tissier a game changer do you think he was given a fair run in internationals same as ian wright
  8. Staffy Bull

    Cheers navek and gilbley just read his ped navek its was just good to know the history of some of my old dogs thanks again as I don't know much about bulls and there work
  9. Staffy Bull

    Cheers navek do you know how skipper was bred just out of interest
  10. Staffy Bull

    I read that navek was a rescue I believe after been in rehomed they got him after a accident from what I read they didn't know what they had or how to manage his weight or conditioning some dog though bred out of skipper I think
  11. Staffy Bull

    Cheers navek and gibley I remember reading his story and history whilst tracing a couple of dogs i owned he was some dog and and some producer to bred out of ed Reid's yard I believe
  12. Staffy Bull

    Is that Scotsman max in the pic after mountain man CH romer rom ijggy
  13. borro and sunderland derby

    Who would you like too take over max bearing in mind all the problems going on there
  14. Whippet x starting out

    Give socks a shout he loves nothing more than to see a whippet run may even share some perm if he doesn't answer his pm first time keep trying he's a busy man but loves his whippets
  15. Hard To Believe