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  1. Marking !

    There's a lad at the end of my street that's shoots and beats a lot and his little bitch is for ever doing it he says its a nightmare on shoot days is it a trait trev or is it just the odd one as he says this bitch is highly driven and mad for anything regardless how much graft he gives it
  2. Marking !

    For some reason that stare brought back memories of when Maggie found a young roe in the reeds I don't know if her maternal instinct kicked in but she went from a bitch that was use to seeing all sizes of deer to just short of mother in it never once did she show any sign of going for it but just looked memorised
  3. Marking !

    I remember one dog I had would mark rabbits with a stare and try and get to ground on fox and never falsed marked and good marking dog is a godsend when there's upteen holes about
  4. 2018 RBS six nations kicking off

    Yes ted prefer watching that than the football theses days
  5. D.I.Y policing,the rise of online vigilantes.

    I don't know what the win comment is about but but the fact your niece has downs just showed your comment to be even more ignorant
  6. Funny Joke Thread

    Cheers ted
  7. Hartlepool United FC

    I hope they do pull through max but if the chairman saying that about the owners then it shows how bad things are upstairs and they might decide its more cost effective to shut shop or be stubborn and not sell up whatever way I wish them well
  8. D.I.Y policing,the rise of online vigilantes.

    Wilf calling someone who as more the likely got learning difficulties or is autistic a backward c**t and a spastic is out of order
  9. Hartlepool United FC

    Max Leeds are bigger more history etc and have the highest average attendance this season then its another club bigger than safc villa max
  10. Hartlepool United FC

    Sorted now dy my apologies for that the dingle comment ouch below the belt that 😁 and yes dy preston
  11. Hartlepool United FC

    Bit touchy dy not like you you did win the title but against the big hitters ? you were breaking transfer records on most deals at the time like I say fair play and its a shame what's happening
  12. Desert bred

  13. Hartlepool United FC

    Seriously though kid what they've done is shameful shaw as always been a thieving four eyed c**t I talk to a few of the old rovers lads and they won't go on now which is a shame as they love there club same as dytkos but they can't stand what's happening
  14. Hartlepool United FC

    New kid Blackburn rovers have never been a big club uncle jack bought them a title but Derek shaw and the venkys have brought them back to reality 😂
  15. Hartlepool United FC

    I agree with max and Stan but it ain't going to happen teams like Crewe orient etc could say the same there's to much money involved now which is a shame max I have had some good days out in Hartlepool but like you said you can watch man city toon for the same price its a no brainer its a business today clubs like Hartlepool are grass roots yes but look at the teams that have fell out the football league they could say the same we have just signed a lad from Hartlepool and if rumour's are true there debts gone