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  1. Trying to capture the essence.

    Brilliant job. I tried to pm you but I think your inbox is full
  2. A couple of working Lakelands

    Again 😆
  3. A couple of working Lakelands

    What a strange comment?
  4. Trying to capture the essence.

    Thats bloody good👍. Can you do terriers?
  5. That blackun wasnt keen on striking, any hedgerows on small fields and it would be gone

    Strong looking terrier. Hows the lurcher bred?
  7. Foxes hit hard??

    Shame they dont drop to ground though 😆
  8. New Artifical

    I know of a place thats always holding and thats plastic ribbed pipe, not cut in half and the quarry knows its safe midtube, you need a saw with you.
  9. New Artifical

    Artificial i used to go to was a T shape with two entrances and the stop on the perpendicular straight. Would get a few foxes a season out of it until i took someone to it and it was ruined.
  10. What do you mean she enjoys digging? If she isnt being dug too regularly, theres no reason to breed from her. Just enjoy whatever work you do with her and see if she will work this season.
  11. Wales

    How have you got your own line without a bitch?
  12. Terrier mistakes

    Depends on the mistakes its made. If it walks out of cowardice its gone, if its down to lack of experience its down to you as the terrierman to give the dog experience in the right conditions.
  13. Never had a dog thats needed antibiotics to recover. A thorough cleaning is all thats needed and theyre grand for the next outing.
  14. End of season sale......

    I got lucky few years back with a dog i chanced, dug plenty and had over 30 digs this season with him, only issue is the unknown breeding, which is a real pain. Cant beat taking on a young pup though.
  15. Ticks

    Just pick them off when you see them and spray them regular.
  16. Adverse Weather Preparations

    People will remember that and avoid using him, the fool.
  17. Cheating b*****d

    Theyre all cheating c**ts. If they didnt, they wouldnt keep up with the rest of them.
  18. If your after coursing rabbits why not get a dog thats for the job instead of a beddy which isnt? You'll have the dog yapping and frustrated if you do so.
  19. Id say how you conduct yourself isnt so much about experience but about your general character. Some lads will never learn and will be out digging narrow holes in the summer with a young pup, often the older lads too. Id say in general the younger generation are conducting themselves better than the last generation, remember they didnt contribute to any ban.
  20. Hunting days USA

    Haha theyve gone all quiet now.

    Couple of hours not wasted then. Worth taking the pictures as they bring back the memories 👍
  22. They should be made to pay

    I dont agree with farming for fur tbh, but the difference is i aint gunna force my opinion on anyone.
  23. Live boxing on tv now

    How i expected it to go. Eubank always looked good but never looked a class act.
  24. Judge isnt of sound judgement taking issue with a legal pursuit. They deserve getting lifted though, driving with no insurance, no excuse.