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  1. Brightmoor Bred Dog

    No, could have been black lab for all anyone knows. You dont have to listen to it but id say bull is a very educated assumption.
  2. Getting fed up

    Where you living now? Im from nw and moved to ireland. More rabbits in nw. Get yourself in cumbria plenty about.
  3. Collie/Grey x Whippet

    Do many of the 1/2 collies make decent fox dogs or is more grey preferred?
  4. Collie/Grey x Whippet

    How much collie did you lads find to be the right amount in a collie grey, before the ban. when you wanted a dog to do fox hare and rabbit day or night.
  5. Pups

    The rough haired dog is a nice stamp. Hows he bred?
  6. Brightmoor Bred Dog

    I agree what your saying but do you really think buck and breay where the only people to infuse bull in the fifties and produce black dogs? Naive to think so. Jmo
  7. Brightmoor Bred Dog

    Your only known if you let yourself be known. Plenty of lads across the north would have been doing the same but wouldnt be portraying themselves to be big breeders like breay or nuttall. These small time breeders in numerous backyards in small circles of local people will vastly outweigh the volume of dogs that buck and breay could have ever produce.
  8. Brightmoor Bred Dog

    Why does it have to come from one small gene pool? The black dog has so many varying types which suggests that it could have started in several areas of the country from several different dogs. Lads would have been breeding black dogs all over the north, from the lakes to the mining towns of lancs and would never have seen buck or breay, due to transport. Its common knowledge the black dog came from infusing bull, and im sure buck breay werent the only lads doing it with success.
  9. Another side to Muslims.

    How do they know they where muslim. It says it was the indian army. Most indians arent muslim and any that ive met have hated muslims with a passion.
  10. Led light therapy on running dogs

    From what ive read, its a fancy name for an heat lamp. the lamps are great when your dog is laid up. 👍
  11. Where To Get A Sharptooth?

    Id say the gauge on the original isnt to do with strength but weight. yours should be more than capable, brilliant for rocky ground.
  12. Where To Get A Sharptooth?

    Looks a smart job, a bit smaller gauge though. What did you use for the prongs? For cutting roots i used a bulldog graft, cut the shaft off and welded 5ft of 1/2" solid bar onto it. Weighs a ton but worth carrying it on the deep stiff digs.
  13. Couldn’t resist

    Ffs id have given up and changed area after an hour or so.
  14. The tats not that bad 😁
  15. Had a few good outings with some decent lads. Had a top day last week with 3 digs, one of the dogs started the season hard and has steadied up nicely. Atb
  16. Ive had my red brick box for a while now and its always been reliable for me until recently. The box still pinpoints the dog but on my last outing the depth was out a metre and the box would read 50m or so when the dog is travelling. As i said, its been a great locator but i think its on its way out. I dont have much experience of other locators other that the red brick, pieps and the grey knocker box. What do people prefer and what are the pros and cons of each as im in the market for a new box. E.g pieps, barryvox, bca tracker 2 or 3. Whats battery life like on them and are they robust, resistant to dirt and reliable. Cheers Rob
  17. Day Out

    Lancs but i used to frequent that area. Near seascale, st bees. Id imagine a few hounds would do well with the cover that way.
  18. Day Out

    Brilliant scenery. Last pic looks familiar. Near whitehaven?
  19. Pike fishing advise

    You can also fish pike on the fly, initially costs more but its a rewarding way to catch. 🖒
  20. Rip poppy

    Ffs i feel for you. Sandy spot?
  21. Early Td5 Discos

    Had a td5 disco. Best car ive had. Never let me down, but i was proactive fixing things before they became an issue. If you get one with normal roll bars and run it with coil springs and delete the egr you wont go wrong. A remap really improves it too. Only reason i sold was because of the rust at the rear, sick of welding ready for the mot. Worth it if you can buy one with the galv chassis.
  22. Is it set on imperial measurement instead of metric?
  23. venison lurchers.

    I think the white fallow are fairly common, i have a vido of 4 near me. I saw the white red in the south lakes, later found out its known in the area.
  24. venison lurchers.

    Anyone ever seen a white red deer before? Had a white stag crash through cover only 30yards from me. Some sight.