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  1. Average size of British dogs

    Ideal size for me. Wouldnt want any smaller but wouldnt turn down bigger as ive seen bigger travel well enough.
  2. Average size of British dogs

    Its not a case of preferring a small dog, its a case of the small dog cant physically do the job that some lads put in from of them. I like to see a small dog do well as it shows heart, but they just dont have the substance to do the job consistantly and comfortably over here.
  3. Looking For Pedigrees of Patterdales

    Not being funny but its a big statement to say you have better dogs and the dogs over here dont look fit for purpose? You have a different selection of game so your requirements will be different. Our game requires a stronger more robust dog as a small dog will be pushed around, same as your game may require a slighter dog to reach tight places. Different jobs, different earths, different dogs. Theres no comparison.
  4. Irish TB.

    Haha number of holes has no correlation with numbers in the area. Ive seen 5 emerge from a tiny 1 holer only several feet of tube. Yet theres plenty of extensive setts with many active holes that only have 1 in it. No hard and fast rule imo and ive never understood how they can be confident on there population estimates when the population varies so drastically from area to area.
  5. Irish TB.

    Surely theres no harm in relocating in areas of sparse population, because given the opportunity they'll thrive anywhere. Has anyone ever noticed a successful relocation, where they come across the animal in the area that it was dropped? Always wondered if they actually stay, especially with entering others territories.
  6. Irish TB.

    The beauty of terrierwork is that you have a choice. Let a good specimen go or cull the weak. That in my books, would be doing the population a favour.
  7. 2 pice spade of full spade

    Sure the hydraulic fitting would come loose if you didnt carry a set of spanners with you?
  8. Looking For Pedigrees of Patterdales

    Like i said, dreamers. Seems to be a completely different culture with dogs in the usa, more concerned with lineage and using those names to start a KC breeding program with dogs that cant be tested.
  9. Let it snow!

    Never falls on a sunday 😁 or when you have a dog ready to go.
  10. Let it snow!

    yeah snowing heavy here too. They seem to be on top when it snows though, unless theres a bitter wind to go with it. Which there is
  11. Exquisite lurchers

    They go above and beyond, Yeah on the priceπŸ˜‚ . The sire looks a smart type. Imagine turning up to an appointment saying you want to use a pup for coursing. Youd get run out of the place!
  12. 2 pice spade of full spade

    Looks well put together but its worth putting some foot plates on if you can πŸ‘
  13. Looking For Pedigrees of Patterdales

    Looks like its been made by an american. Not something i would trust or want to give info to (if i had any πŸ˜‚). Does nothing for the dogs but give pedigrees to dreamers in the usa to peddle shite. Jmo.
  14. Irish TB.

    Its definitely not the silver bullet. The highest rates of tb are also in the area with highest deer populations. It'll be nice to know theyve stopped culling them as some areas are untouched whilst others are nearly depleted of them.
  15. Odd things you have found....

    Found a brand new nissan car charger and a load of sat navs stuffed up an entrance to an earth. Handy find!
  16. Sharptooth fork

    Not heard about the long handle one. Funnily enough, yesterday i said i was gunna make one if i couldnt buy one, after struggling with the short one yesterday. Do you know how much it is?
  17. Terrier bloat

    Feed him a large chuck of frozen meat. Thatll make him chew, better than that stuff your giving him now.
  18. Terrier bloat

    What you feeding him?

    Had him in a bad spot today. Would still be at it if it wasnt for the sharptooth.
  20. Advice on Food

    Fat doesnt make a dog fat, carbs do. If you want to trim the dog down, increase its work or reduce its food intake. Looking at the pictures, you wouldnt have to do much more πŸ–’
  21. Log burner

    5 year warrenty but theyre wriggle there way outta honouring it. Fire fox arent a bad stove if you want something cheap. But sometimes paying good money is worth while.
  22. Staffy Bull

    That last pic is a fine looking animal.
  23. Dog aggression

    Thats how i like it. A dog that isnt interested in other dogs. Maybe that comes with work because they know they have more important things to do than f***ing about. Id say its better done in a controlled environment, but the dog hasnt displayed any signs of aggression in my eyes as hes never took hold of a dog, your case sounded like dog aggression terryd. Also, Dog parks are the worst places to walk a dog, not somewhere id go.
  24. Dog aggression

    Let him off then. Id say you keeping him on the lead is getting him wound up because he cant be inquisitive and sniff other dogs like theyre suppose to. Try going on a walk without putting him on the lead. If you dont do it you never will. I dont know if your experienced but your misinterpreting his behaviour with aggression. More than likely youve never seen real dog aggression. Let him off and relax. If he bothers other dogs check him. But putting him on a lead isnt a fix.