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  1. Some Of This Yrs Hatch

    Smart those
  2. Sps Cores

    How much are these? Any without slots for quick change or not?
  3. Bloodshot For Trade :)

    What do you wsnt
  4. Casting Lead

    Used one of these for a while and they do the job good easy mould
  5. Alloy Core Nearly Done

    I didn't say I don't use power tools, not that an impact driver would be much use
  6. Alloy Core Nearly Done

    Making this for a palls birthday as he liked the one atomlab made with the deer antler scales. So here it is cut out using only a coping saw 8mm thick alloy a little bit of work still to do before I scale it
  7. Made This One.

    Still for sale
  8. Skinning Knife

    Midnight is on this forum
  9. Made This One.

    £20 mate think it's sold
  10. Made This One.

    For sale this one
  11. Made This One.

    OutdoorFanatic- send me a pm if you want
  12. Made This One.

  13. Made This One.

    Made this over the past few days just doing bits when I get chance, its a burr oak frame with a piece of yew glued on to give it a better feel/ hold let me know what you think
  14. Quick Clip

    Think my hound cought as many as yours mate