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  1. Threlkeld Dog Show

    Thanks for your help Eddie
  2. Anyone know of the sporting dog show at Threlkeld cricket ground for 2018 thanks Eddie
  3. Beater Available

    Facebook, jobs for beaters and pickers up section,,
  4. Blanchland Show

    The show we attended was the blanchland and hunstanworth to give it it's full name.on bank holiday Monday,I know a few years ago there was two terrier and lurcher show s held each year at the same place perhaps it's these your thinking of..
  5. Blanchland Show

    There's a terrier and lurcher show held in blanchland could be this show that was cancelled.
  6. Blanchland Show

    Evening, the blanchland was held today, great show, great setting , something for everyone, terrier show, gundog Scurry, horses, agriculture, well worth a visit make a note in the diary for next year..
  7. Morning anyone know if the Blanchland country show is on the bank holiday Monday, good show well worth a visit.
  8. Shame your not a bit closer to co Durham I know a lad who traps quite a few,
  9. Beater Available

    Have a look on Facebook there's any amount.
  10. Times Past

    Nowts changed happy days.
  11. Who's going ? We'll be there coming from Sunderland with the family fingers crossed for the weather..
  12. Me and the family are going Sunday, heard some where Geoff garrot will be there Sunday
  13. Berretta 303

    Great gun considering its 30 year old .. I'll keep looking cheers lads
  14. Bad End To Season

    Try using a long line and going back to basics with your training, have a look on utube at Chris Upton well worth a look.