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  1. CZ American 17hmr + .22 Karl Walther


    • FOR SALE
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    as above £150 and £50 please get in touch for more information.


  2. CZ American 17hmr + .22 Karl Walther View Advert as above £150 and £50 please get in touch for more information. Advertiser jeemes Date 07/02/18 Price £150.00 Category Rifles Calibre .22  
  3. Catherine Elliot Hancock Lurchers

    Brian Plummer and D Hancock marketed these dogs very cleverly. They even gave them a pointless gimicky colour to make them look like they had something new to offer. They took bull shitty pictures of snared foxes and made it look like his dogs had caught them. It was and is all bullshit. They are off the shelf lurchers with nothing behind there breeding. Anybody wanting to breed a Collie type lurcher would be better going to Birds dog Bryn before its too old. A real rabbit catcher with breeding behind it. And no I dont know Bird!!!
  4. BASC or Gunplan

    Have you considered Countryside alliance. Looks like you have a running dog so you could kill two birds with one stone. You would be fully covered with the CA as far as your shooting goes.
  5. Enforcer Flying Decoy

    I paid 20 its just a floater really.
  6. fox is an oppertunist, he doesnt rely on one prey animal, plus a rabbit is a good meal. Whenever I have dug to cubs Im ashamed to admit I did notice that most of the grub was pheasant and hardly any rabbit but then again it was shooting estates..
  7. R.i.p Steve Ellis A Great Man

    met Steve once and bought a dog off him. cups of tea and a good dog chat...nice lad, another good lad gone.
  8. Dove Hunting In Greece

    nice shooting mate. is that a maintained lead youre doing there?
  9. Classified Information

    these old peddlers new how to sell dreams to kids..I miss reading the paper adds though. It takes you back reading the old ones.
  10. Wheaten Greyhounds

    Wheatens are usually dog aggressive but it can change when crossed with Greyhound or bull greyhound, and be the opposite.
  11. Newbie,help

  12. Newbie,help

    The main thing is birds on the field feeding, and seeing more coming in. If you see a group of birds on the stubble but no more coming in from anywhere, then put them off and see what happens. They may just go somewhere else because theyre not that bothered. The best picture to see is one that is building. Then you can watch flght lines to determine where to put the hide,but its the interest the birds have in that field that will determine wether to shoot it or not. Years ago I would watch a field for a week or so but nowadays I would shoot it pretty quick because I think things have changed. Pigeon shooting is wild hunting and as such there will be disappointments and you have to take them. I havnt had the air pro that go round just the thin papery ones that flap. I didnt bother changing to real birds because they worked ok on there own. Good luck anyway,youve picked the best time of year to start.
  13. Eddie Chapman

    proper old dog man and helpful to people starting up. Lst time i spoke to him he was mad on the carp....RIP
  14. New Hunting Channel 👍👍

    how do you see that. Is it on computer or telly?
  15. true, both my lurcher are 1/2 xs and the alsatian and the collie comes through them alot, as both have good noses for finding game, and Buck my big 1x gsd x grey goes into cover , yeh thats right lol just like a over grown springer lol . But i have seen few big springers and labs when beating thats gone in cover , so it was no surprise to see my 2 dogs doing the same job.And infact ive had some great bit of sport with them mooching etc, norm Buck goes in and knock out whats in there and old Bryn will grab it it when it bolts out great crack deff Buck going in/under the cover lol , he gets down low as you can see , feck knows how does it lol I suppose its because hes got good conformation and is built right for movement. Im guessing he is not crossed with a show Alsation?