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  1. Best Thermal Imaging

    if your interested in a thermal i got one as i have just upgraded youtube channel b4ger731 and see it in action its a xp100 hand held fits in the palm of your hand
  2. Dvr Help

    dvr ebay 201244193127 been using these for years there wots in the sniper cam. see my vidios on youtube b4ger731 iv just bought anuther one
  3. Thermal Eye X100Xp

    $7000 when new but you can only get them second hand now. theres one on ebay for £1500 pound and thats a bargain
  4. Thermal Eye X100Xp

    vidio now on youtube 5 foxes on the vid nothing shot in this vidio. can some one link the footage oh hear cos i dont know how to .youtube name b4ger731 thanks pete
  5. Thermal Eye X100Xp

    this thing crazy eny body see one of these for sale you need to grab it.i use a gen 3 maxi kite .witch i think is at the top of the tree. but this thermal stuff is somthig els
  6. Thermal Eye X100Xp

    maniged to make one. been out with the thermal eye [BANNED TEXT] a peas of kit seen a fox at 200yds it walkt right past me it dident have a clue i was there. pitty i dident have the gun with me. will do some filming with it the nex time out
  7. Thermal Eye X100Xp

    just got my crimbo prezi. thermal eye x100xp i need vidio cable for it any body point me in the right direction. or will i have to make one thanks pete
  8. Drone Pro

    i naw have one running my drone pro .must say its verry good. 200 pounds for a drone pro powere pack or £8.85 for one as good its a no brainer
  9. Drone Pro

    i put some footage on you tube . under b4ger731
  10. Drone Pro

    found this battery pack for the drone pro can take 2or 4 18650 type rechargable batterys. ebay 201241054599 £7.75 or £8.85 from uk 262313921180.
  11. Drone Pro

    just bought the drone pro night vision scope from carl moore very helpful chap. mounted it on my 223, no need for an additional rail as the rail on the new drone pro adjusts to my needs. it sits low to the barrel which is great. I haven't been able to get it out yet to zero it but will keep you informed as to how i get on with it. two of my mates have bought them and have been shooting foxes and are very impressed with them.
  12. E700 Camera

    this is the best one but there out of stock a the mo. ebay 361433208753
  13. Atn Bino X

    atn say midium is the optimall setting for night mode.i have tryed this but found there is to mutch lag
  14. Atn Bino X

    more footage of the atn binox on you tube under b4ger731 rabbits
  15. Atn Bino X

    firm ware 343. now seems to have interference on screen when using its own ir footage of fox on you tube under b4ger731