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  1. Amazon mate cost me about a tenner
  2. Lamping dog wanted/bull greyhound

    Any c**t will try and sell you the £500 dog what your asking for but this site be last place id be asking believe me,you want a bloke that knows a bloke that thinks after a few conversations you might be worth a punt,invites out returned ,favours done and returned might get you the dog your after,best thing is no c**t will know sire or dams name,no bullshit bigged up names just outa genuine workers lines kept for years amongst close mates,that and bit luck happy days,although even then prob wont happen,even so good luck atb
  3. guess the weight

    Just shy of 3ib,but you might have small hands lol,cracking fish though atb
  4. good luck

    Just 5 months now,coming along nicely cheers
  5. good luck

    Stick with the myxy rabbits for now
  6. good luck

    one day my son lol
  7. Bring back new content please

    yep nice one that works on the pc but not on phone,what happened to the back to the top button as well,or wasnt there one fecked if i know anymore lol
  8. Bring back new content please

    Iv only got one problem,using my phone,if I push the arrows to take me to the final page of a thread it wont load,don't want go page by page if its more than couple pages long so not sure whats happening there????
  9. One Of Richies Pups

    Bang on mate,cant fault him quick learner atb
  10. What the fuuck is going on with the forum

    Its there as well dummy
  11. What the fuuck is going on with the forum

    3 lines top right click brings up another menu,activity,scroll down to my activity streams,then content I started ,think thats it lol im having a fecking nightmare