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  1. Ferreting The Fenceline

    Looks like a nice warren to ferret, no brush to snag the nets and nice clear runs for the dogs
  2. WTF....

    Ask David Cameron i'm sure he could come up with a few ideas
  3. Oswald the Lurcher

    Sorry to hear about your loss, i know exactly what you are going through having experienced the same thing two days ago. You keep expecting them to be there but then you remember they are not and it pulls a bit. It will get better and when it does you can fondly remember the good ( and not so good ) times you had and know that both of your lives were enriched by your partnering up. R.I.P Ossie.
  4. Introducing my lurcher boy to racing

    A good book would be Penny Taylor's Running Dog Maintenance, that should see you through most of what to expect when owning a lurcher. Her user name on here is skycat, a very knowledgeable lady.
  5. Introducing my lurcher boy to racing

    Personally i would leave his tackle alone unless he gets excessively randy later on and it causes problems. As for it being a cancer risk i think that is literally a load of old bollocks. Plenty of exercise and free running, jogging beside a bike and a bit of running a lure if you have access to one should see him get race ready.
  6. Staffy Bull

    you can't trust those bull types with kids, they wear them out too quick.
  7. Staffy Bull

    By the way he's not winking, he's only got one eye, he lost one hunting up in a thicket.
  8. Staffy Bull

    I don't know if this boy counts, staff x ambull
  9. How to wind up the Mrs

    You should have kept the tache
  10. How to wind up the Mrs

    I don't grow a beard, i look too much like her mother.
  11. Men in Tights

    I will have to look into that because when i take my shirt off it still looks like i'm wearing an angora sweater, a fooking grey one.
  12. Men in Tights

    Or so i hear, lol
  13. Men in Tights

    Only if you wear nipple clamps
  14. Men in Tights

    That's just perverted.