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  1. The Dangers Of Leopard Hunting In Africa

    Leopard hunting in any form has to be one of the most exciting forms of hunting, once tried never forgotten.
  2. Skull Identification

    Red all day long
  3. Favourite Big Game Animal

    The moose was stalked NW territories , the elk were in Lithuania.
  4. Favourite Big Game Animal

    One or two more African skulls under the Roe and a mix of African and North American mounts. I will try and sort out better photos of some more of the collection.
  5. Favourite Big Game Animal

    So, thanks for the tip for posting photos. Some south African skulls and some beasts shot with dogs last winter in the snow, the moose another poster posted on this thread reminded me of the Elk hunt last winter..
  6. Favourite Big Game Animal

    There good fun as well, Ive hunted Bobcats, Coons, Wolverine and cougar with dogs, Bk and Bn Bear and a few others in N A, if only I could post pics on here. Why can't you post pics? Do you not know how? It's easy enough and plenty of us would love to see them! No I don't, I have tried but to no avail.
  7. Favourite Big Game Animal

    There good fun as well, Ive hunted Bobcats, Coons, Wolverine and cougar with dogs, Bk and Bn Bear and a few others in N A, if only I could post pics on here.
  8. Favourite Big Game Animal

    They are hunted with blue tick hounds, the same dogs are used for Caracal, Leopard and pigs etc, all very exciting stuff if your into dog work and shooting.
  9. Favourite Big Game Animal

    Hunting Bushpig and Servil with dogs is great fun and nice trophey to boot. SA gets into your blood and once there its like a Spirochaete infection, it cannot be got rid of.
  10. Raven Cull Petition Hi all, the farmers are struggling with serious Raven problems in Scotland and have got a petition together. Please read this news paper article, one of many and then sign. Death from above: the ravens slaughtering newborn lambs petition https://www.change.org/p/scottish-na...eneral-licence Thank You
  11. Rabbit Numbers

    So my sugestion is that next time you do catch a couple take one fresh to the ministry vets to test for VHD anti bodies, I have done exactly that with rabbits from, Caithness, Sutherland, Suffolk and all tested positive! The rabbits simply vanish from an area without any outward signs.
  12. Rabbit Numbers

    Very true Max Abell... I've hunted rabbits in most counties throughout the UK ...really enjoyed it.. However,.we always knew, that sooner or later, we would kill the goose, that laid the golden egg. Taken some large quantities in the Far North of Scotland,...hunting over terrain that was best described as being, a rabbit paradise...But,...even today,..when I catch 40 or so rabbits,..I often start to think,.maybe,...enough is enough... Time moves on,.nothing remains the same,.but still enough shushis around,.to see me out Phil Caithness has changed a LOt since the days you first came up. More people, more houses in the countryside and far far less rabbits then there were, VHD finaly saw them off. In the 80s I was selling hundreds a week, now your lucky to get that in a year.
  13. I see, thought there must be a reason, need to check how many posts Ive had now.
  14. Hello again, no one point me in the right direction? I will be staying near Kirby moorside and will happily travel 50mile radious. 16-22 of august. Tried to post in the shooting to let etc but wont allow me to post?