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  1. Pup

    Put a little sumat on lee or they will sell it on and get passed on and on cut the peddlers out
  2. Laters Boys

    Cheers moxy atb lads
  3. Laters Boys

    I have asked Paulus to terminate my account but if any of you guys can do it for me cheers
  4. Laters Boys

    No walshi Cheers vm atb pal
  5. Laters Boys

    Had enough vm mate sites not enjoyable no longer
  6. Laters Boys

    Doubt it lads
  7. Laters Boys

    Been nice knowing ya boys I am done on hear now atb kev
  8. Where's All The Hunting Gone

    Layers chaps I am done with this been nice nowing most of ya atvb kev
  9. Where's All The Hunting Gone

    That wasn't abuse that was me stating a fact
  10. Where's All The Hunting Gone

    Can you read bob where the hell does it say I don't like banter ? Have a good read of what I wrote
  11. Where's All The Hunting Gone

    Its all wrong the sight needs to clean up its act Imo on a airgun forum I use the slightest thing you get banned its kept it clean no arguments nothing and your not allowed to comment on for sale threads either the sight is the cleanest I have been on maybe thl should take a leaf out of there book
  12. Where's All The Hunting Gone

    You get shit loads of abuse so why bother admin don't give a shit why should anybody else now if they cleaned up this sight and kept it clean maybe more people would post but as folk just like to have a go at ya for the slightest thing to make themselves look good you won't see any hunting posts any time soon unless admin get there fingers out and proper clean up the sight
  13. Deben Lamps Vs Lightforce Lamps !!!!

    got the strikers and the blitz the wire is wank on them both
  14. Chris Packham Petition.........

    My old vet never hunted at all or even tried hunting his view was if I have never done it how the hell could I have a opinion on it so I don't bother he said there are too many folk sticking there beek in where its not wanted he then replied if it makes you happy fek everyone else I think he hit the nail on the head
  15. Gopro

    Look on scrapyardwhippet on youtube I tried it on mine during the day not tried it out lamping yet may give it a go tonight