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  1. Bit of advice on precharged

    I have a AA S410. Bought it second hand 9 years ago and it still shoots spot on. I use a stirrup pump and don't have any problems. If you're using night vision you can shoot a rat then load another pellet without losing sight of other rats. I would go for a .177. It's a straighter trajectory which is going to be better for N/V shooting as judging distance is a bit hit and miss at night. Fitted with a silencer they are dead quiet. P.C.P's are just nice to shoot. I can sit out in the field at me table and pop away at all sorts just for the fun.
  2. gun law

    If my guns ain't with me they're in a cabinet. I got the one in the house, one bolted in the Transit and one bolted to the bed of my Hilux. The bolts that got through the cabinet and bed are drilled so when the nut is fitted i can put an 'R'clip through the bolt. You can leave a gun any where but if it gets nicked you're f****d!!!.
  3. Foxes with HMR

    What do you zero your HMR at?.
  4. Dead Cat

    I'm not telling a joke. Asked him again today ''Is this for real or is he taking the piss?, coz this sounds like an old joke''. He says ''No, straight up. His boy was mortified at what had happened''. I told him I want to see pictures of the damage to the car as I'm thinking it's too good to be true.
  5. Dead Cat

    I know, I've heard similar as well. But he swears it's true.
  6. Dead Cat

    So I'm talking to a mate today. He says ''You ain't gonna' believe what my stupid step son did''. I asked what was up and it goes like this. '' I got home last night and the Mrs and her son are looking a little upset (the son is 18 by the way) so I asked what was wrong. She says that the son was driving along with his mate out near Othery (this is countryside territory)and something ran out in the road. He heard a bang so stopped to have a look. They walked back and could see a cat in the grass, it was still alive as its tail was moving. He didn't want it to suffer so he gets something out the boot and twats the cat over the head a couple of times. As he's doing this a PCO pulls up to see what is going on. They explain and the Copper asks if the car is O.K. He says he hasn't looked. They go and look at the front of the car and there's another cat, dead, with its head and neck jammed in the bumper. He only killed a good cat''. I'm like ''FUUUCK OOOOOF!, Your takin' the piss!!!!'' He says I swear to God it's true. Now he ain't the sort of person to bullshit so I can only take his word for it. As I'm typing I'm thinking this sounds too good to be real. I'm gonna' ask him again tomorrow just to double double check he ain't got the wrong end of the stick or some thing.
  7. Homophobic abuse?

  8. Notts doorman

    I know a few Door Men and they have to put up with some right ass holes. They get spat on, women try and brain them with their stilettos and nutters try and shank them. Drinkers today are of the 'Tony Blair' generation, think they have a right to get away with anything. Bit of a reality check brings them back down to Earth.
  9. Homophobic abuse?

    *cough, cough* I gots rim fires, 410 and a 12g semi auto as well, *cough, cough* Catch the Bears game last week?
  10. Homophobic abuse?

  11. FAO watching Facebook

    Just had the latest magazine through from B.A.S.C. and in there some blokes wrote in saying he got a bol1ocking from his FAO. Apparently he put a post up on Facebook saying he was going away on a certain date. FAO said this means some one watching his status could know he's not home and go and rob his guns. Makes you wonder what else are they looking at. I never use my real name on the net and never put up anything that pertains to my person or whereabouts.....you never know!.
  12. Homophobic abuse?

    WOW!, what a thread. Dudes offended about everyone on here. Even people that ain't said sh1t to him are gettin' it. Apparently I'm a 'Puff Gun Boy' Coz I shoots an air rifle..... what ever. I'm sat here with me cup of tea an' a packet of crisps itchin' for more.....I'M HOOKED!. It's like waiting for the next instalment of Eastenders or summut! :-)
  13. Homophobic abuse?

    This sounds like a VIZ comment Nice one.
  14. Funny Joke Thread

    What has smoking and eating pussy got in common?. You get more flavour the closer you get to the butt!.
  15. Magpies at this time of the year

    EDIT....FAILED :-( EDIT...TRY AGAIN .Think we have a winner :-). Stop at 00.25 and see if you can guess what's gonna' happen.