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  1. Help needed

    I don't ever sell anything so I say keep it.
  2. What have you done?!

    When I look at your Avatar I can't help but hear ''Lovely boy, lovely boy'' in 'that' accent :-)
  3. Smelly b*****ds. Disgusting

    What the f**k is this country coming to??
  4. LYNX OR NOT??

    I hear the BBC blamed the Russians!!
  5. Clothes

    I like SCRUFFS work wear. Their trousers are really tough and have pockets in the knees for foam type pads......and I like that. I got a padded waist coat with a hood that's SCRUFFS and it's well toasty warm. Mole Valley Farmers is good as well. Boots, I wear V12 steel toe cap work boots. They're water proof, not just resistant, and I get them for £70 a pair. I have had all the singing dancing clothing in the past, the Mrs would buy it for birthdays, Christmas etc, but to be honest for what I do the gear I have now is just as good and a lot cheaper. I use N/V most of the time so it ain't got to be camo anyways.
  6. Is this rabbit activity?

    Pesky Wabbits!
  7. I Phone 10

    Question: How do you milk a sheep?. Answer: Tell them there's a new iPhone out and it costs a £1000.
  8. Black Pudding

    Any one else like raw uncooked black pudding?. I thought it was normal to eat it raw but I can't find anyone else that does.
  9. Sent Out Letters

    Find out where there are allotments and see if they have a rabbit problem. The Mrs got a call from an old school friend about a reunion she's trying to organise. We went round and she mentions she's the head cheese in charge of 2 plots of allotments, each about 3 acres, and there are rabbits eating all their lovely veg. Got 2 allotments now.
  10. Just found these. They're calling them Roof Void Automatic Cluster Fly Controlbut it's still the same thing. https://www.pestcontroldirect.co.uk/swak-pack.html
  11. Live Rabbit Traps

    Use carrots. Buy the cheap economy carrots, they have been fed on a high N.P.K. fertiliser and have a high sugar content and a high water content so they stay fresher longer. Cut them in strips rather than discs. Don't forget to put water in the trap as well. It gives any rabbits you do catch a drink and the water itself may draw them in.
  12. This might not work in the situation you describe but it is good for attics that have thousands of cluster flies gaining access to hibernate, especially in old buildings where it's hard to fill all the small holes that allow cluster flies to get down in to bed rooms etc. You can get Auto aerosol sprayers. They are like those timed sent sprayers you get in pub toilets and run off of 2 'D' Batteries. Did a cluster job in a house in Frome. Woman was complaining that she was getting them in and around the bedroom windows. One bedroom in particular was full of them. This room had a loft hatch. Went in loft and there were thousands of flies . They were getting in around the loft hatch. You could see light coming up into the attic when in the attic. Sealed it with some padded draft strip (got from builders merchants), set off 3 smoke bombs in baked bean tins, then set her up with 2 auto sprayers. Kept them up there for 2 months before removing them. You used to be able to get them from KillGerm but I was told they don't sell them any more but I know they exist and do work. Smoke bombs are good for initial knock down but other flies soon find their way in.
  13. Gun Cabinet Help

    As above, Brattonsounds. I have a RL7+ that holds 7 scoped with silencer/mods and top ammo box. For 10 scoped with a locking ammo box you'll want a TR10. They're around £750 with the VAT. Think I paid less than £300 for my RL7+.
  14. There are loads of rats that go on the feeder. Here's why I don't shoot them. I put up a trail camera to see what sort of times the squirrels were coming to the feeder. It was up for 3 days and when I checked the footage I could see that in the night there is a Barn owl that sits on the post about 6 feet in front of the feeder and catches the rats. I've been down there in the afternoon a couple of times and seen a Tawny owl there as well. My wife commented that she had seen a Buzzard in there close to the feeder. I went in there one day and it flew off pretty quick. When I looked where it had been there was a large rat half pulled apart. The feeder is far enough away from the house so as to not bother us so I don't shoot them.
  15. I shoot at the feeder from a hide. It's like a shed with a leather seat and a table in it. I sit in there for ages some times waiting, even fall asleep. I8'll be sat at home when I'll get the urge to go out and see if there are any squirrels. I go to the gun cabinet and I'll take which ever gun takes my fancy at the time. I don't usually use the HMR or the SX 3 because, even with ear plugs, in that little hide it's loud AF!. As for the feeder, it's pretty armoured plated now. I've clad it in thick tin so the shot gun pellets don't damage it and the checker plate is to stop any bullets of pellets from going in the next field as some times we have sheep in there. In one vid I shoot a squirrel off of the top of the feeder on that day there was nothing in the field.