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  1. Got up this morning and the Mrs says she's put some food out for the birds and there's a rat running back and forth taking the food. I get the .410, mine's a Baikal Hushpower single shot, stick a 2 1/2'' sub in and creep out side. I'm stood there in me pants and a pair of Ugg boots, 'bout 15yrds away, when I see the rat run to the food. Soon as it stops, 'FHUUUUT!!', and she's dead. It was a big 'ol female rat and it looked pregnant. Took it across the field and left it for the buzzard. I told one of the farmers that I shoot for that I leave a lot of rats and rabbits etc in the field for the Buzzards and he went on a bit of a rant as they take his young pheasants. I said as long as they're eating what I leave they ain't taking his poults, he said....'Fair point....'' :-)
  2. I shoot 2 1/2'' ,number 6 shot Eley subsonics. My ears start to ring at noises others think aren't that loud and I can shoot these with out muffs. You want to be no further than 25yrds with these as they drop off quickly. I also use 2 1/2'' Lyalvale cartridges, get from Mole Valley, in number 6 and 5 shot. These are harder hitting and noticeably louder than the subs, but still quiet in a moderated gun compared to an unmoderated gun. The Eleys are a 12.5g cartridge and the Lyalvales are both 14g. I have used 3'' Eleys in number 6 shot that are 18g as well. They'll give a bigger spread of lead. Just buy a box of each and shoot at some card board boxes to get a feel for them.
  3. jackdaws

    If you have a corvid problem and can't shoot for some reason build a ladder trap. If used correctly they will catch shit loads of birds. You can get instructions on how to build one off of the B.A.S.C. site.
  4. Cleaning PCP air rifle

    I use the Napier VP90, spray it on every thing. Keep some VP90 patches in your cabinet or where ever you keep your rifle, keeps moisture out. I don't EVER clean the inside of the barrel, never have. The barrel shoots better with a build up of lead in it.
  5. Get out the way!!

    That's free food!. Would have got the Mrs to start frying some shallots and butter some bread as I was cutting the breasts off ready to slice up and fry......I loves pigeon!
  6. Kofs

    Never heard of them so did a Google. Looks like they are from Turkey https://www.iwa.info/en/ausstellerprodukte/iwa18/exhibitor-32961951/kofs-arms Think their translation needs a little work , Scroll down and read the 'about us', made me laugh :-)https://www.kofs.com.tr/en/about Found this review of a Kofs, it ain't a .410 but it is an O/U. Seems pretty good for the money.http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2017/08/daniel-zimmerman/gun-review-stevens-555-e-overunder-shotgun/
  7. Cannabis oil

    I had a bad back about 10 years ago. No one could ease the pain. Tried Dr's, physiotherapy, Chiropractors the lot. Then some one gave me the number for a bloke called Gary Toms. On the first meeting he did what no one else had done, he ran his fingers down my spine , stopped and said 'That's it there, right?' and he was spot on. He's like a sports ijury type person, send your friend to some one like him. http://www.drovehouse.co.uk/aboutus.html
  8. Cannabis oil

    In cannabis there is a chemical called THCA. You have to Ddcarboxylate the cannabis to turn it into THC. This is done by heating the cannabis, too much heat will turn the THC into CBN and CBD. This is not what you want. If you can get hold of some 'weed' you can make your own oil with some propyl alcohol, coffee filters and a rice cooker. Here is the Rick Simpson story. I've shown this to people who think cannabis is a gate way drug and once they see this 'old man' changing lives they become more open minded. Check out Larry. Larry has Parkinson Disease, watch the timer as he finds relief in under 5 minutes...it's amazing. Breaks your heart to think that people are suffering like this when there is a cheap cure but the Government won't let it be used because the big pharmaceuticals want to make money from peoples suffering. This kid having a seizure This was on This Morning 4 days ago. This was about a year ago.
  9. The AA Pro Sport .177

    I spray mine with Napier spray, once in a blue moon.....if I'm bored.....or if the wife asks 'am I busy' :-)
  10. Footprint

    True, that twig is a lot bigger than I thought so the print is bigger than I thought as well. Still think it's a fox though :-).
  11. Footprint

    I'm sticking with fox. https://www.wildernesscollege.com/fox-tracks.html Check out the pics for gaits.
  12. The Russians

    I remember when the intelligence and Government said we had to invade Iraq because Osama BinLadin was in there running terrorist training camps, that was B/S. Then they said we had to invade because Sadam had Weapons of Mass Destruction that could destroy us in , I think it was, 40 minutes. After we invaded and it turned out that that was also B/S we were told it was for a 'regime change'. We all know that's B/S as well....it was for oil!. So, yeah, I do think they could have the wool pulled over their eyes.
  13. Footprint

    If that's a little twig by the print I would say it's made by a fox cub. Just behind the 2 claws you can see small indentations from the pads but no rear pads as the foot would still be 'fluffy' back there and wouldn't make too much of an indentation.
  14. The Russians

    But he's not telling the World about it, in fact he's saying Russia didn't do it and they want samples of what has been found, which by international law they are intitled to, so they can check to see if it's of a chemical composition that they would have and they aren't beeing given it. Novichok, was developed by the Russians back in the 70's and there are now 13 countries that are know to have Novichok us and the Americans are 2 of them.The Americans have been slagging off the Russians for a couple of years now. They seem to think that the 13 verified tweets that came from Russia was enough to over power the whole multi million Dollar Clinton promotional band wagon and this is why she lost the election which is rubbish. The Russians have shit loads of gas that they want to sell to Europe at a cheap price. America has shit loads of shal gas that they want to sell to Europe, and us, at an expensive price due to it having to be shipped over in tankers. I'm wandering if Mrs May will say we won't purchase gas from Russia after the 'attack'. That means we will be purchasing it from the Americans.....and then you watch your bills go up. But at the end of the day where is the proof Russia did it and why won't they let Russia see this proof?!....because they have none.
  15. The Russians

    Was talking about this down the pub when a bloke pipes up'' This is laughable!, if the Russians wanted this guy dead they could have just stabbed him and made it look like a mugging that had gone wrong. The only people that are going to use a f***ing nerve agent to kill him is some one that wants to make it LOOK like the Russians did it. Now,...who hates the Russians?''