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  1. Cannibalism

    Bloody shame that mate
  2. Cannibalism

    Many birds of pray in your location
  3. Thing

  4. Wee mooch in the sun

    Nice little pack mate
  5. Fuk it slip the dog
  6. Lamping in Scotland

    Not hered of that mate
  7. Bushing pups or adult

    Cheers lads think im sorted nowC
  8. First fox

    Cracking job
  9. Bushing pups or adult

    Wish i had done to old now mate
  10. Bushing pups or adult

    Was giving some thought in to getting a pup or evan a adult bushing dog. cross not inportant jest nothing to big looked on Google for the norm beagle cross spaniel cross terrier cross teckel cross and cant billeve the price most £500 to a £1000 and no talk of working is it me or have the market gone nuts i have two teckel bitches here i think i payed £300/£350 for them with good working backgrounds now they want double for a cross breed
  11. Sunday morning raking

    Some nice mooching land that mate bet dogs have some fun there
  12. Couple pics of the dogs

    Dog looks well mate pup shaping up nice to
  13. A bad Monday

    Sorry to here that hope she's ok
  14. An afternoon bolting

    Best hunting picture iv ever see well done
  15. old and young

    Who is the fawn collie whippet ray