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  1. Lurcher gps tracking

    Sorted now resend mate
  2. Lurcher gps tracking

    Not got it mate ill check i got space now
  3. For sale garmin astro220 and 3 dc30 collars all work fine but well yoused collars have had plenty of were but can find you dogs no problem £570 got hard case dvd instructions all charges. Could not find place to advertise it and can get it to work when trying to put in on. Feel free to move mods if no good here
  4. Return to lamping

    Ok cheers if i here of any good pups ill let you now
  5. Lithium battery

    Ok will do dan
  6. Return to lamping

    The best tight beam is the 150 with battery in handle or if you will take one with cable it would be 45w will beat the blizs for distance with a much tighter beam
  7. A bit of cover

    Is that bull whippet ken
  8. Lithium battery

    Will have new stock in about 10 days 20ah £175 will run blitz with 100w bulb for around 3hours of continuous use
  9. Return to lamping

    Info for rossm Features: Extra size reflector, 140mm diameter, has a wider range of radiation and distance. Super light weight housing, made of tough ABS material. Rechargeable Lithium battery built-in; convenient to carry. On-off switch protected with a silicon rubber cover. Specifications: Bulb: Cree T6 15W LED Battery: 3.7V 3Ah Lithium Rechargeable Battery Luminance: 1100LM Range: up to 550M Working Time: approx. 3 hours Charge time: approx. 8 hours. Housing Material: ABS housing, super light weight material Reflector Diameter: 140mm Housing Diameter: 150mm Weight: 453g Package Includes: 1x Spot Light 1x UK Plug Charger 1 x Car Charger
  10. Return to lamping

    They all on here somewhere ill try find them now mate
  11. Return to lamping

    £45 with first-class recorded postage
  12. Return to lamping

    Pm if you want a Tracer 150 mate that will do all you want and i sell them a lot cheaper
  13. Cruciate ligament damage.

    Yes and after trying every thing she was put down. Every injury is different if it needs a operation you will need deep pockets. Atvb
  14. Hi the tracer 150 a good lamp it will last over 5 hours of lamp time good tight beam i sell lamps and im cheeper than tracer i can do you same lamp for £45 posted first class recorded let me now if you need one

  15. Nice to see softer side of working dogs not the mindless killers some would have you believe