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  1. stolen terriers

    Will keep an eye out for you Adam
  2. Show Us Your White Dog's

    Mate white bitch pup
  3. Bedlingtons

    My pup dam beddy type sire black dog if all works out would go back to the beddy type
  4. Beddlington X Pup Wanted

    He on Facebook mate
  5. Undatables

    sad when grown men who should no better can disrespect people for how thay look should be ashamed of your selfs
  6. Nail Length.

    working the rock keeps the nails down to down sometimes seen terriers with little left of there nails after working in the rock
  7. So I Bought A Runner...

    Good luck with dog mate
  8. Pups

    My pup over 5 month old
  9. Lurcher link dogs trust give a poor dog a loving home
  10. Junk Shop Find

    Beddy x border type?
  11. A Real Do

    Well done lads
  12. Working Bedlington Terrier

    The beddys are out there you just got to look seen some on Facebook good luck mate
  13. Look at what ground you run go from there no best x mate
  14. Ray Walker Terriers

    Some lines of terriers are dead an gone like the good terrier man that started the line there be some terrier man still have his stuff but you will never find as don't sell pups , an trying to find good stuff is getting harder more an more terrier man keep there pups close or to them selfs good luck mate