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  1. Young Pup Needing Bringing On..

    Two pups showing interest at 5 mth old and sitting quietly taking it all in at 7 mth , considering how destructive and noisey they are at home , it was a pleasant surprise 😊
  2. Pups

    had them on the bike last two mornings with no issues apart from when hounds were milling about boxs , they were very vocal but settled in no time
  3. Pups

    They are what i expected and wanted , they have out grown thier mother and will be same size as there father , ive owned him from a pup with no issues about size ,
  4. Pups

    big lol dont want them much bigger now
  5. Pups

    The boys shaping up nicely

    Mothers far left , there about the same size maybe a touch bigger , they will out grow her
  7. Pups

    Starting to enjoy them after them making my life hell for past few months 😂😂
  8. Night Out Shooting Cubs...

    Now with the thermals and everything else , sights like this will become harder to see very rare we come on a litter these days ..... thermal will do more damage than the antis ever could . Some of our best country in the past , you will never find now and the keepers are only to glad to tell you ..... brutal
  9. Pups

    Pups out for a stroll
  10. Pups

    very testing these two
  11. A Favourite From Last Season

    Few more
  12. Pups

    Really giive it a rest lol[
  13. A Favourite From Last Season

    The best view 👍