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  1. Not All Up For It.

    Lol..shooting pigeons for crop protection in august is not rough shooting... so a number 7 or even 7 haf if your good enough shot.. I never said once to take 7s to a fox drive.. i said ive seen foxes shot while hunting phesants when they have walked out of cover from bein flushed with gun dog with 7s.. nothing lighter than 36gram 4s at least and even that needs to be close... as for purposely missing the fox you put shot 15 yards lead in front of a fox who is running to the right... in front of his right ear...hes turning left.. lol seen it many a time then timing knowing when hes far enough away lead again wait.. fire..hes under pressure and either gets away or in this case goes to ground.. ive seen some great gun men north and south..between birds and cover and i soaked the good mens advice up seen it then it has worked for me lol.. Grow up fella.. ffs..
  2. Shootings In Las Vegas

    Attack helicopter firing into the crowd?! Lol.. you are a fooking clown son.. im not saying there was an attack helicopter used but do you really think he done it on his own?? Ive been in vegas multiple times stayed in most of the hotels there..you cant have the music up loud in hotel room without security looking to kick your door in but you can smash hurricane proof windows without the alarms going off..also i lived in NY as the towers came down..i was downtown manhattan working 15 blocks away that very morning..ive grown up in NI during the troubles and i know the sound of a bomb..and the world trade was full of them..you could hear them going off 15 blocks away... if you think that shooting was pulled off by one old pensioner..you are a fecking eejit of the highest order.
  3. The A Team

    George peppard the pedophile and child rapist..hmmm.Where exactly are those type of accusations mentioned ?.........it's the first I have ever heard of them.Was he convicted or is that just an ugly unsubstantiated slur ? Check it out for yourself wilf...you know how to use a computer...
  4. The A Team

    George peppard the pedophile and child rapist..hmmm.
  5. Not All Up For It.

    Well for the drunkard who is questioning.. i purposely missed him, the 2 shots were fired only to guide him where he needed to go.... and i have been out shooting phesants piles of times over the years with loadsa different men and the gun dog has flushed foxes and they have been shot dead with 7s close range at about ten yards... by the way the fox was actually dispatched with a 7...so lay off the rum heavy head and actually get out and do a bit...things are always different when out actually doing a bit than reading books.
  6. Live Catch Rabbit Traps

    3 properly placed drop boxes is your best option dig them in in there runs under fence or wall..keep door locked for 5 or so days then unlease the pin..muliple catch and ambush trap..more fieldcratt involved tho.
  7. Not All Up For It.

    You fella are a first class clown.. i did not write this to slag off a line of dogs.. i wrote it because its what it is not all well bred entered correctly stuff are wired correctly ...thats it its nature.. a true man who loves his terriers is gutted when a terrier of any line decides its not up to a working kennell..They thrive on their terriers being happy. Folk like you and a few others seem to have no work for terriers or yourself and love drama fs.
  8. Sleaze Bags.

    He does..its in Co.Donegal..in Ireland ive fished there.
  9. Got a call of a man lastnight telling me about his young terrier.. a well bred wee dog of a well established line... back at start of august i was out shooting over rape seed for a farmer on my own... anyway after hours of shooting i noticed the pigeons veering off to bottom of field to my left so decided to shift hide net down bottom of field and shoot a few more..on way down a fox comes out of rapeseed in front of me heading to a wee line of trees in front beside burrows i know..so i dropped the gear and fired 2 shots at it with only thing i had..no7s..missed it and it went to ground. So straight on fone to this fella who was telling me about a dog he had so i rung him.. bring terrier and stuff just fired at a fox missed it and watched it go to ground..explained where and he said he wouldnt be long.. so that tree line is where i sat and shot 5 more pigeons while waiting.. then i see him coming down the drills... terrier entered and on.. 1.2m... sweet give 15 mins to make sure they settled and fox wasnt going to bolt... opened up and dog is working fox but ive seen it manys a times even with terriers that i myself had in the past which never made the grade in the end up..he kept looking up.. anyway fox was accounted for i didnt mention what i had seen but he didnt notice... dog was left until sept 17 he was used as a fox was encountered on some of his own permission. Dog came off and an older dog had to account for the fox by bolting it to a gun. Sunday they were asked to check cover for a farmer and a fox made it to ground just as hounds found.. so dog was tried spoke and came off...again the waited silent to see if fox would bolt.. fox never showed so after 20 mins went to transport got a 16 month old pup first time and had to him at 0.7 and fox was accounted for...the other dog was reared correctly and entered correctly.. 36 months with only 14 hand picked burrows for youngsters.. so dog is now living with his sister as pet.. the season has just started and phesants are open in NI.. so plenty of shooters walking ditches making them not lie out so much so we shall see what the season brings...
  10. Sleaze Bags.

    Allister something from itv news he looks like a vampire.. prince charles..prince andrew..lord mountbatten..prince philip.. david beckham..bono..geldoff..ronaldo..many many more id be here all night.
  11. Tommy robinson works for whitehall.. as in Mi5.
  12. Warning

    Ill tell you why the havent.. its the start of hunting season..if they were arrested for coursinv or hunting deer with dogs theyd a been all over the 6 o clock news ya muppet.. foxdropper i agree leaving dead animals lying about is not on nor is killing just to say youve killed something.. but thats why the plod get paid to do there job..unless of course you actually work for the police then its not your job to try and catch so called poachers.. you really think your not above your station going on like sgt bilko. Fs.
  13. Warning

    if u catch lads on these trail cams what are u gona do with the footage?. Do you even have to ask. can't see the point in trail cams if police have there phone address and registration number.If the police have phone numbers registrations and addresses...why the fek have they not gone and lifted them?? If they were involved as foxdroppers said then why have the not been and cuffed them. Dont make sense to be honest.
  14. Bags Packed

    Lol..you really dont have a clue..fracking is safe?? Could you show me the evidence for that please..survey probably done by godzilla themselves ffs... just like smoking wasnt nad for you i suppose.
  15. Bags Packed

    What like the backlash from the child abuse..purpotrated by government bodies..or like the nhs crisis or like the immigrant crisis?? The sheeple baa a little bit and the government do whats best for the elite..now line up like good mutton and get your flu jab and vaccinations...nothing to see here move along please...baaaa