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  1. WW3

    Most of the british soldiers and American soldiers die from ptsd for going to a place of no concern to them for little money when the real folr there fighting for like lock head martin sit back and make billions..and no disrespect but any fool falls for that elistist agenda get nae thought from me.
  2. Big Cat Sighting

    Buy prickle sticks off either ebay or a pest control suppliers and screw them to fence were the moggys walk there cheap as chips and really do the job you should have no bother with the dirty vermin then.
  3. Show Us Your White Dog's

    From pup to teenager aka my ears have suddenly become painted on...hope she is wired correctly..only time will tell..
  4. Dale winton

    Seems like your a bit obsessed with cock and balls fella..we know your a bit of a dick anyway who hasnt got the slightest clue about lurchers .. but putting a pic of your balls in the lurcher section..top class prick of the highest order you are son.
  5. WW3

    the UN sanctioned experts have been in and inspected..and guess what NO evidence of any such chemical attack.

    How old is he shane
  7. Coincidences, de ja vu etc

    Have had a few for sure but about a year ago I had a particularly really clear dream and u wake up the next morning and think fluck that was a freaky one I could remember quite a few prominent things like location clothes even a few things that were said..after a few days and whole thing passed..four months ago the whole nightmare happened for real and was worse than the dream..was only when I was in that exact time scenario and location as it was happening I was fcuk I have been here before..hope it never happens again lol.
  8. A couple of working Lakelands

    Lol..oh right so because I don't take pics while out doing terrier work and the terriers are not all cut and mucky there fanny lickers .. lol hey ho..👍
  9. Place is quiet so thought id stick a couple of pics of A few Lakelands I have had quite a few good digs to the last 2 seasons there not mine 2 other mates own the same stuff between them the last 18 years or so.top two are litter mates and the bitch pup in the pic at bottom would be half sister she 4 month old in this pic taken about 2 months ago...the granny of them terriers is 13 now and have dug her about 30 times this season and sometimes 3 times in the one day..they have about another 6 between them and a few other men are digging over there stuff also.
  10. WW3

    Lol no harm to anyone but yous do make me laugh..british army haha..all this chat about the british and french ffs why do yous think yous need allies your army is only good for going in and terrorising innocent civilians and wrecking the place..as we speak putin has that toff twat johnson in a latex gimp suit bent over the table with a fox tail between johnsons teeth..and johnson loving it of course because he like 90 percent of all your male mps is a queer.. trump is a fooking child..sending out threats he cant keep while putin being the man he is just laughs says try it and leaves it at that... the bullshit lie factory of a media keeping this circus going and you have folk like this eejit scothunter who has probably never left his village in scotland giving out running commentary as he knows what the fcuk hes talking about...
  11. Foxes hit hard??

    100 percent..I have dug six foxes 4 dogs and 2 vixens 1 dig was a pair and the rest singles off the 1 farm between 4 fields all within 2 weeks and theres a few other men and a gun club on the same ground the reason..fieldcraft and checking the place in days so bad you wouldnt put a rumour out in it and thats the days I dug them..also when walking the ground reading the signs and being able to know when and where on the farm to check..also having the proper working dogs.. I lost count this season I have went to spots and 3and 4 pits at handy puppy spots only 2and 3 foot deep.. I live in a place where there is a lot of people who hunt and I mean a lot...I have still have 38 foxes out of holes but it took a lot of walking this year but needs are must.thats not including the days with the hounds or lamping with lurcher...also some of the younger men around here at it havent got a fcukin clue there dogs are shite and they haven't got one bit of permission and there leaving good holes that are being regularly dug over 30 years a mess how do they expect a fox to take a burrow if its leaking and letting in wind.... young lazy cnuts who couldn't bury a goldfish and wont even be in terriers in 5 years time never mind 20.. its as simple as this..to be putting muck regularly on the bank you need a lot of permission and a lot of burrows to go at..then you need the proper men & dogs to dig them.
  12. cloudy eye

    It might be common on run of the mill hap hazard pet terriers.. proper working terriers dont get these kind of ailments that most folk on here talk about..same with healing.. proper working lines thats worked properly by men that know kennell management and stockmans ethos..rare and produce working terriers with the constitution of a camel an immune system of a komoto dragon...these ailments that most folk speak of must be BUYING in stuff from terriers from a history of coin men.. I took a 13 month old bitch to vet 2 days ago..every dog in the place barking their heads off ...my pup just sat and took it all in ive already had her introduced her to every thing that she will encounter throughout her life already..everything except work of course she not ready for that school day yet but anyway... the vet gave my bitch 2 steriod jags thermo up her exhaust pipe plus an apprentice girl vet learning the ropes ...giving her the coochie koo when Eddie went to get the steroid jaags..Eddie knows my terriers are workers and he said it was the calmest strongest terrier he had in in months..im very rarely in vets..she was in for a skin scraping due to me feeding her to rich a grub..so my fault not the terriers.
  13. cloudy eye

    Here in Ireland a poltis is usually Brown bread soaked in warm water then put on infected area..tae bags also good for the human eye especially for a sti..
  14. cloudy eye

    Cable tie its 2 front paws together round a kitchen chair leg..do the same way its back paws to a different kitchen chair and stretch...use scarf to tie his head to kitchen table at about 4 inches high with infected eye facing up...set tea bag on eye for half hour... job done.👍... Edited to add thats a joke btw..let him up on sofa with you for and hour and soothe his eye afterwards hes settled by layin it on him her...and not forcing it on him..it only needs a little toxins from the tea bags to sooth it..
  15. cloudy eye

    Used cold tea bag..still wet