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  1. Sand ,dos and donts

    Cracking thread this for a change just what this section needed. a bit of info to help lads out by people who have worn the t-shirt
  2. Brightmoor Bred Dog

    I'm sure there is a page or two in the original terriers and terriermen book think that might the info on his dogs in sure it would most probably go back to the bray/buck stuff that was around at the time I could be wrong tho
  3. Hunting / Wild Life Tattoos

    Tattoos are like dogs as long as the owner is happy that's all that matters
  4. Brightmoor Bred Dog

    Not herd that line in a long time. There is a lad who is on here that's mates with his grandson he might be able to help
  5. N-Mistrust

    You can guarantee the unwashed scrum will be watching hunts on NT land like a hawk for the next 3 years. Well done everyone that worked hard on the pro hunt side
  6. Shootings In Las Vegas

    I know if I was an American and could have a gun to protect my family I defo would and I wouldn't think twice about.
  7. Pieps Box

    Think it was alpine treck. they migh have sold out now buddy
  8. R.i.p Steve Ellis A Great Man

    Very sad news RIP
  9. Craggers (Ron Black)

    RIP Ron
  10. Out Today

    Good to see the young ones out buddy that's what it's all about
  11. N-Mistrust

    Good thinking that chaff. maybe a few hundred hunting folk outside chould help sway things let's not lay down and take this
  12. Madness: The Greatest Show On Earth!

    I saw them last year in leeds they was mint
  13. Rescued

    They should have called the fell and moorland wtc
  14. Ratting Kent

    Well said
  15. Saluki X Whippet

    I'd get on the flat land buddy and run some fast stuff