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  1. I'm not sure where that is buddy. this is the Lancs area show each area has it's own summer show to raise funds. try get to any fell and moorland show there all for a good cause
  2. Well it's show time again folks come down and show your support for your local working terrier club. The show will have all the usual classes for the terriers and lurchers raffles and trade stands food and drink. The show will be held at our new home of Littleborough sports club Hollingworth lake littleborough Lancashire OL15 0AP June 3rd judging to start at 1pm Hope to see you all there.
  3. JBluck dirt

    it's simply whatever works best for you i think
  4. Back to the Dogs

    Welcome back buddy
  5. high strung pup

    What you mean by drifts?? a wooded area with wind blown trees?
  6. Nearly every time something has gone wrong on a dig it's been my fault not the dogs, but I learn from them and it never happens again.
  7. hard terriers

    I only have little baying types because that's the type I want to keep. But let's be truthful if you have game in a stop end that doesn't want to be dug a bayer isn't gonna hold him. It's down to the man to have the type of dog that suits his type of work In my opinion.
  8. hard terriers

    As said above breeding off baying types will lead to one thing having dogs standing 3 foot away from its game. When my dad was in the game 30 plus years ago it was common for the terrier to have killed there fox if it didn't bolt. I've only seen it a hand full of times. But we live in a different world now unfortunately.
  9. Hunting days USA

    Nice one for that lads nice to see a bit of different type of sport. What location systems are popular over there or is it just the same as here bellman, pieps
  10. Todhunter and the fox

    I'll be taking a look at that!
  11. REscue

    Well done all involved
  12. Fell and moorland

    Like as been said its worth what anyone is willing to pay for it. I'd give 50/60
  13. short film

    fantastic film! more films like that should be made to promote hunting in the right light
  14. stolen terriers

    cheers buddy i'll try get a pic up of dog today just not at putting them up
  15. Two terriers have been stolen from a yard near Keighley West Yorkshire one black bitch with signs of work and a younger red bitch. ill get some pics up soon as i can any info at all send me a pm. all info will be kept to ourselves and no names will be used