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  1. Just a few pics of ruby

    Nice mate.....hows the smooth do bred, saluki/bull/grey?
  2. Litter of pups

    How tall are the parents? Look in great nick the pups and nice bitch.
  3. Double bow back ferret box

    Real smart box...are these made out of fibreglass?
  4. We Visit From A Beardie Cross

    Is Bruce half beddy mate?
  5. Squirrel Retrieve.

    Nice little bitch mate
  6. Out With The Pups

    Cracker that mate
  7. Show Us Your Pups

    Cracker mate how's the Merle bred?
  8. Yeah got a cyclops mate off American site, no different really to my striker, even prefer the trigger on the back. Range seems the same and filter just as fiddly lol
  9. Lurcher Book

    Anyone got any for sale particularly the coney catcher?
  10. Bushing Books

    Is it still in print the skycat book?
  11. Posting Pics

    Hi how do I post pics? I've got an iPhone- I tried just copying and pasting and it didn't work. Do I need to mess around with photobucket? Cheers Gaz
  12. Still life in the old girl yet she was out ferreting today with me pops-finished with 5. Shocked she caught 2 bolters as she's knackered on a routine walk! IMG_0596.JPG
  13. Cheap Lamps

    I got a cyclops from an american website think it was 50 dollars with red filter. Not any diff from striker 170 that had before it broke.
  14. Few Pics Of My Pup

    Im sure that tan bitch pup was for sale on preloved a few weeks ago. N.Wales way I think.
  15. Looking for dog or bitch pup in north west. Think I've just missed out on a litter in Atherton Wigan on pre loved as the adverts disappeared!