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  1. could anyone help me out im trying to replenish my local farm with a dozen or so live rabbits as mixi wiped them all out last yr as there was literally hundreds here ,im situated in south wales ,any help would be much appreciated
  2. Yamaha Grizzly 350

    Mine won't even go into 4wd to jump out that's the problem I have and I can'teven find anyone to repair it
  3. Yamaha Grizzly 350

    Right I have a problem with the above quad bike it's a 2007 model , when pressing the 4wd button it doesn't engage at all it makes the noise when pressing the button but nothing , the diff works but it will not go in 4wd ... Anyone any ideas I'm stumped
  4. Shooting Rest

    Anyone help I'm looking for a shooting rest for my quad ,anyone know where I can get one any info much appreciated
  5. Quad Bike

    wanted farm quad............situated in the valleys of south wales........plz message me
  6. Hob

  7. Purse Nets

    anyone selling or getting rid of any ferret purse nets in rhondda valleys if so plz message me .....thanks mark
  8. Young Ferret

    I have recently purchased a 6 wk old gill , well to cut along story short ive been offered a 10 month old hob ,would it be safe to keep the 6wk old gill with this hob.......any info much appreciated .....thanks mark
  9. Hob

    looking for a young hob im situated in rhondda valleys south wales.....plz inbox me
  10. Ear Defenders

    Is there anyone selling any ear defenders if so plz get intouch ,preferably electronis ones......pm only..........thanks mark
  11. Snares

    cheers colin .......
  12. Hawke Shot Saver

    could go to 25 including postage..............let me know
  13. Snares

    its a hill farm in south wales this culprit is from the forestry...very hard to find
  14. Snares

    i need these snares asap this fox is hammering my lambs !!!!!!
  15. Snares

    looking for half a dozen fox snares can anyone help me out plz im situated in south wales...plz message me ,,,,,,,,,thanks mark