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  1. Cannie Catch Them All

    Boss looking dog mate
  2. The New Recruits

    Good luck mate
  3. Best Pic Of One Of Your Lurcher

    Getting old now 8
  4. Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

  5. One Man And His Dog

    Boss looking dog mate
  6. New Gun

    Yep mate ultimate sporter mate in 22 nice gun not to heavy
  7. New Gun

    Had nice morning on the docks with new gun very pleased with it
  8. Hour Out

    Nice looking dog mate
  9. Got one in 177 mate cracking gun
  10. I've got one mate in 177 cracking gun shoots well and not too heavy
  11. Your User Name

    Used to be a taxi driver in the eighties it was my radio name
  12. Best Pic Of One Of Your Lurcher

    Yep mate she's a cracker just coming up to seven now
  13. Only The One

    Thanks Mark have always used springers just getting into these pcps, gonna leave this in work next week see how I get on