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  1. stolen terriers

    1st class w@nkers, best of luck in getting them back
  2. Show Us Your White Dog's

    Cheers FM, he's going to make a fair size
  3. Show Us Your White Dog's

    Dog pup I kept back from an earlier breeding
  4. Show Us Your White Dog's

    No BB none planned, sorry
  5. Qualifiers for Chatsworth including Champion Child Handler
  6. We now have NL&RC show qualifiers
  7. Eddie Chapman

    RIP Eddie
  8. Show Us Your White Dog's

    My clan with a new edition due mid July
  9. Tail Docking Length

    3-5 days is the window to have them docked, I always go into the vets room with the pups, I hold each pup in their turn, put them on their backs, put the tail over their privates, put my thumb n finger in position then the vet does the snip while I'm still holding the pup
  10. Qualifiers - NWTF CMW Welsh Counties North Wales - Conwy Valley Border Counties YYstrad Taf Fechan Best In The West (Cumbria) NL&RC - coursing (lurchers) - racing (under 23 & over 23 lurchers)
  11. Digging competition Start 11am Teams of 2 £10 per team 2 tools per team 6 minutes to bury a 40 gallon blue barrel the deepest Prize the choice of any 2 shovels
  12. They'll be a Welsh Counties Championship for all Bull X winners & reserves from the Welsh shows then the open show will have a champion & reserve Bull X under a different judge which will then qualify for our 2018 Welsh Counties Championships
  13. Sunday 30th July Pont Faen Farm, Ciliau Aeron, Lampeter, Ceredigion SA48 8DF *WELSH COUNTIES CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS 12 noon (Book in from 11.30am) (TERRIER, WHIPPET, LURCHER & BULL X) OPEN SHOW 1pm. RUSSELLS, COLOUREDS, WHIPPETS & LURCHERS SIMULATED COURSING 10.00am (Book in 9-9.30) RACING (After the show) DIGGING COMPETITION 11.00am TERRIER TUBE (After the show) VARIOUS QUALIFIERS LICENSED BAR, FOOD & REFRESHMENTS... ON SITE CAMPING AVAILABLE, STALL HOLDERS WELCOME TEL: MALC 07760301460 *The qualifiers below are for any show in the counties of Wales Welsh Counties Bull X Qualifier Form 2017 New.doc Welsh Counties Lurcher Qualifier Form 2017 New.doc Welsh Counties Whippet Qualifier Form 2017 New.doc Welsh Counties Terrier Qualifier Form 2017 New.doc
  14. Edrd Show 2017

    Wasn't on last year and doubt it will be on this year