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  1. First outing for young ferret

    Definitely couldn’t I’m over the moon with how quick he’s picked it up. Thanks for that I’ll start using tape
  2. First outing for young ferret

    At least your hobs grafting mate. Rather have a dig then a shit ferret atb for the rest of the season
  3. First outing for young ferret

    Thanks mate 👍
  4. Took my 5 month old hob out for the first time today just a quick little 6 hole Warren bolted 4 bunny’s Didn’t mess a bout or sulk in holes very happy with him.
  5. How much ?

    You said guaranteed so your word is good and it just might be but from someone who does not know you your word guaranteed doesn’t mean much as there is 100s of lads out there that would say the same but yet there dogs shit. Not saying that’s you but you get the point I’m trying to make. As for money who cares how much it cost if it is doing the graft it’s worth it’s weight in gold. but you can’t sell a working dog without a trial. No trial to me makes me think that person is trying to pull the wool over my eyes because if it’s grafting and I mean grafting not just a couple of digs a season dog sed person should be more then willing to trial it out. I know where your coming from about messers and the constant messages it does your head in but that’s part and parcel of selling dogs theys days everyone wants to be a nosey c**t but don’t really want to buy. Am glad you’ve found the dog a new home hope it gets plenty work and you and man who bought it are happy atb 👍
  6. How much ?

    I would pay £500 or £1000 price is f**k all for a genuine working dog but would have to see the dog graft a few times before I’d part with my hard earned cash. That’s what pissed me off yesterday mans trying to sell a dog for £500 and not allowing a trial even if it was only £200 I’d still want a trial after all it’s my hard earned cash am handing over and wouldn’t like to think someone was trying to have me over selling me a jacker
  7. Mk1 Ferret Collar

    there going for silly money on there mate £50 a collar
  8. Mk1 Ferret Collar

    Jim always tells me he is busy if and when he gets back to me.
  9. Mk1 Ferret Collar

    Looking for a mk1 ferret collar 8ft if anyone has one for sale
  10. Lurcher Photos..

    Is that a carling mate. its good but its not quite Carling
  11. They Wont Eat Through These.

  12. How Often Do People Lamp

    Thought the hunting season was over finished end of August didnt it? 🤔.
  13. Total Newbie Wanting Cheap Setup

    . Ive got the jacket and trousers there on eBay around £35 for the pair. Edit to add there sizes are a lot smaller with been asain had to get a xxl
  14. Ratting With Ferrets

    make a trap using one them blue barrels have a look on YouTube how to make one really simple my mate has one in his car garage gets a few rats a week in it. Would save you the f**k on getting or making a smoker. Any rats in the barrel on a morning just drop the ferret in the barrel problem sorted not sure bout the last bit John old ratty packs a punch when cornered never had a problem doing it myself.
  15. Dishonest People

    There's so called dog men and then there's dog men. We all know what one you are top man glad you got him back