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  1. jambalaya

  2. jambalaya

    It was priceless like the peds he wrote out saying they were sent by some Neil Hyde from Ireland no one ever heard of him
  3. jambalaya

    Shovel shy do u remember the photo of a dog he put up saying it was soldier lol a bronze dog with a white blaze.soldier was tar black but the fool taught we were all wrong
  4. jambalaya

    I think that's the daddy lol
  5. jambalaya

    No but u are him.is that your madness pup or is that who the daddy pup
  6. jambalaya

    Lol your funny dan
  7. jambalaya

    I new it wasnt u ripped.the clown tried to maintain on here that I'm a peddler lol only bred 2 litters of pats and out of the two litters that were bred only 2 pups were sold and none of them went to anyone in the states there all in Ireland and here to stay
  8. jambalaya

    Rippem he reckoned u were aceboon coon few week's back
  9. jambalaya

    Yes that's right shovel shy I tagged u in a post on one of the peds they banned us rather that here the truth
  10. jambalaya

    Taught he smart putting my full name up on here f***ing clown now Dan why was the terrier lounge closed down it was over me asking the question how could mick and Niger produce a pup two male dogs cant do it.ain't that right shovel shy.
  11. jambalaya

    f***ing sick of the lot of them with there sly threats
  12. jambalaya

    Lads ye are playing into the meth heads hands no matter what ye tell him he will say is lies and as for his friend that runs that ped site he is another fruit cake he can't be told that ac or wr never done matings together.and for the last time there is no bitch called no nose off that line of dogs.he is on here as jambalaya yankie terrierman ace boon coon and two other names.you Daniel Ashlock are a clown and I'm still waiting for the men u said would come sort me out.I don't give a f**k for anyone.Daniel u shud come back here and I promise u that I will drive a slash hook straight true the top of your big f***ing meth head.

    The best thing to do with Dan the freak ashlock is pass no heed of him he lives in dream land.he will back on again as a different name next week.I'm sure he will post my full name and address on here to like he done to shoebootit.Dan I'm still waiting for those men u said would come sort me out.by way the who's the daddy of the pup.acebooncoon
  14. Irish TB.

    Kerry is one of the most affected by tb in Ireland at the moment.would the ban on shooting deer be any way connected to it as you wudnt know if there red deer were carriers
  15. Pups

    Holding back two one going to lad I got service off and other 2 gifted out