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  1. undertaker

    the famous toby dog

    What's 3 tree's
  2. undertaker

    the famous toby dog

    Eddie I'm not being jealous I have stuff off the dog.it's just there has been a lot of dickheads lately asking questions about the dog that have nothing off his blood.the dog was a good worker and producer to the few bitches he lined
  3. undertaker

    the famous toby dog

    Are u saying he has Cocker spaniel in him some where.alway's taught it was ac blood.that explains the big ears and barking mad on scent.f**k I've been working bushers lol
  4. undertaker

    the famous toby dog

    Sound I'll drop it down some evening and get it wrote out so we can see it lol.a dog that's been dead 3years and people still wondering how he was bred anyone that would have genuine stuff off him would know if enough on what stuff to bred back into
  5. undertaker

    the famous toby dog

    Shovel shy can u read brail Ive the ped here on Toby if u want
  6. undertaker

    the famous toby dog

    What way is bitch bred is she a daughter granddaughter.?what was her mother
  7. undertaker

    the famous toby dog

    Toby wasn't as famous as his brother timmy who made more money and was in a few books back in the day.ain't that right chesney
  8. undertaker

    the famous toby dog

    Nippy1234.u came on asking about the dog if u knew he was famous u obviously knew enough about him.I've never dug the dog but have had sons daughter grandsons granddaughters and am very happy with them.there is a few theory's to how he was bred.the dog is dead a few years now so don't see why u would want to knew his breeding.if u have something off him just be happy with it
  9. undertaker

    the famous toby dog

    Wasn't Toby a stunt dog in the lassie films that's were the cash was made lol
  10. undertaker

    the famous toby dog

    Your telling lies now shovel shy Andy didn't bred him it was his cousin over the road Andy cash that bred him his Irish terrier bitch.and a manChester terrier dog
  11. undertaker

    the famous toby dog

    Chesney I predict a riot.
  12. undertaker


    There could be lot brought to court.for dna evedince on how there dogs are actually bred lol.I might see u Sunday for a chat down [BANNED TEXT] way
  13. undertaker

    Moate show

    Proper working dog show.see will iwtf run one this year as good as westmeath lads.look forward to seeing ye next year running the show again lads
  14. undertaker


    Young dog for next season
  15. undertaker

    Foxes hit hard??

    Shovel shy the season has only started for some lads I see the lurcher lads here beside me still running hares usual excuse just getting pups going on rabbits.then u have the clowns still out digging all over the country saying it's lambing call outs.one lad told me other night he was talking to a lad said he had a five hour dig.were was he in winter months tucked up in his bed some lads just go for easy option killing there own sport with there 5min wonders