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  1. Bellman And Flint Locator And Collar...

    Inboxed. We can come to am agreement on price il have it cash waiting
  2. Grew

    Ive got a pure greyhound ex track dog at stud £50
  3. Wanted Pure Greyhound Bitch.

    Sorted now thanks lads.
  4. As title says my old bullx has passed away looking for a pure greyhound bitch Thanks
  5. L200 Single Cab Long Mot £750

    Inbox for any more info thanks
  6. 10 Week Old Chocolate Patterdale

  7. 10 Week Old Chocolate Patterdale

    Sold subject to collection
  8. 10 Week Old Chocolate Patterdale

    Thanks mate. Shes bred aswell as she looks 2 be fair to her. Im surprised shes still here in all honesty.
  9. 10 Week Old Chocolate Patterdale

    Very bold confident pup some ones in for a real nice pup here.
  10. 10 Week Old Chocolate Patterdale

    Its a bitch sorry
  11. Well bred. Keeping 2 back for my self. 2 went to germany and my friend is having one.. bred for work not for show. Im not 1 for name dropping but it does go back to nick stevens stuff. His older stuff...any info etc please inbox me Located west wales Price £250
  12. Wanted Powells Pocket Rocket Stud

  13. Ive a 38s 58s powell bred pocket rocket bitch. 6 year old looking 2 put a genuine pocket rocket bred dog over her can any 1 help? Im located in west wales but willing 2 travel. I'm willing to give a pup back for use of there dog. Thanks
  14. 8 Month Old Patterdale Bitch

    It was changed. It was different
  15. 8 Month Old Patterdale Bitch

    Yes shes still here.