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  1. Working cairn terrier

    when discussing a bitch my own stuff is bred down from Brian Nuttall told me in the 50's there were still a few good working Cairn about the place , one dog a light choc/ginger with a pink nose was brought down from Scotland and bred into a few fell lines , the dog was a very good worker having worked fox,badger and otter and was a size the terriermen/huntsman liked , these days as already said can't see way they wouldn't be good ratters or bolt the odd fox
  2. Fat man stating the obvious is what is done on forums, what is obvious and common knowledge to many it isn't to newbi's many may not know that one of the easiest ways the rspca take peoples dogs is because they have not taken them to be treated by a vet
  3. each to there own i'll stay with what my vet has told me , i wont go against what he says as i could get done for not getting my terriers proper treatment from a vet , its a minefield
  4. just pain killers , his view was dogs don't know they have been given pain killers they know the pain has gone so instead of being careful with themselves they may damage themselves more because the injury is masked but still there , your doctor doesn't say take these pain killers and all is fine he tell you steady up for a few days , vet may tell the dog that but it may not understand ,
  5. A vet told me to never give pain killers to a dog with a working injury , as it masked the pain and made the dogs a lots less cautious, resulting in them banging themselves or jumping about making injuries worst or making them heal slower
  6. Terrier mistakes

    if you make a mistake doesn't mean your stupid its part of learning , but if you keep making the mistake you are stupid

    one Big Difference between the two men mentioned

    there some odd fuckers on here fair play , one minute its how the f**k do you get decent blood if no f****r will sell it as soon as someone sell a few he's a c**t puppy peddler no one can win , as far as older terrier having a off day of course they do just like us , thats why we have retirement man and dog , its not that long a go a old red dog from Ireland was getting slagged off for failing all who had seen the dog in its prime defended the dog as it should be , but it seemed the old dog had by these peoples standards failed , little bit of common sense thats all that is needed, terrier work is a partnership of man and dog ....and we are supposed to be the brain's of the partnership although reading half the crap on here, people should let the dogs have a go on the keypad
  9. hard terriers

    Well its all been a bit Walt Disney
  10. hard terriers

    Thank you for your kind offer but i've done the internet meet up's ten years ago meet some sound people and some less so , good luck with your terriers
  11. hard terriers

    nice quote from braveheart , but lets stay in the real world , i've seen plenty hold and pin i've owned a few that could do it when young but they are not holding and pinning for hours and every time the sharpe end gets free it has no choice but to fight , and no terrier can out fight them,and , like i said Lucky
  12. hard terriers

    How should that be labeled ??? = Lucky
  13. hard terriers

    two saying i've hated to be told by people who have had a terrier off me usually first season pups that starts abit rough "i'll work him sore he'll learn to bay " and "this terrier will never jib"
  14. hard terriers

    when i was younger i liked a terrier that would could get hold, now i like a terrier that does not gives the quarry a second of peace and can still be the boss with out getting hold of the sharp end
  15. Locator

    i needed one before xmass was a bit skint so bought a Ortovox patroller it does the job they are around the £100 mark