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  1. vizlauk

    Advice please lads.

    Really it’s a trust thing , I’ve sold a fair few & never had a problem, but there is some dodgy people just out to scam folk , I’ve got lads working down in Banbury Oxfordshire that will be heading back up north ! Always worth trying to get a trusted forum member in that area to do the deal for you & post it to you !
  2. vizlauk


    Might be out on the crows tonight! I’m home until tomorrow night/ Thursday morning!
  3. vizlauk

    Factory fields

    A least you got out mate, called down to Sheffield ! May be heading to Oxfordshire tomorrow to pull more people out the sh1te ! Where’s daz’s write up mate
  4. vizlauk

    Torch clamp in West Yorkshire?

    If you were local I could have gave you one, I’ve got 3 sitting here never been used !
  5. vizlauk


    The black beretta pistol is sold, just sold it for jimmy !
  6. vizlauk

    thats all my guns gone

    If you seen the shape of him you will see he will bounce ! He probably caused more damage to the bus ! Had to get that in Jeff, homeward bound my old mate, catch up soon
  7. vizlauk

    Back on the estate

    Top shooting, well worth the visit
  8. vizlauk


    Good going more so with open sights, well done
  9. vizlauk

    A better day today

    Happy days bud, enjoy
  10. I’ve come over to Portugal to get away from the crap weather, it’s been pi55 poor here today ! Just my luck mate , your doing well mate, proper nice job on them silencers
  11. Don’t go jumping the que ! My order was in before yours ya twat !!
  12. vizlauk

    TX200 HC 177 WALNUT

    Lovely tx200hc, if I didn’t have the prosport I would have took it, a lot of Gun for little money
  13. vizlauk

    carbon fiber mod

    I like that a lot mate, mint
  14. vizlauk

    carbon fiber mod

    You can knock me 1 up wide like a twink with the alloy for my Excalibre, I will pay aswell mate, that looks ace
  15. vizlauk


    Good ! What time you coming over then !!