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  1. Pro Sport .177 set up.

    Nice but I would have a quality 1 piece mount on it mate , to hold that mamba lite
  2. Ordered and paid for, the " NEW GUN"

    Very good choice of gun, good luck with it mate
  3. Ordered and paid for, the " NEW GUN"

    Well done Mark, but why hide the price ? Ive been looking myself & thebest price I’ve seen has been 585 for the walnut version !
  4. got it

    You made the right choice, you won’t regret it, I’m pleased you decided to take on board the information a few gave you
  5. hw mod

    Sorted now jimmy, the barrel is done, f.o.c so just going buy the hw mod New off John!
  6. quick question

    Why bother asking advice if you’ve already made your mind up to buy it, there’s loads of cracking deals on the 2nd hand market, that are loads better than your chosen gun, that will well out last your chosen Gun, and are much lighter & pointable, the Gun of your choice is very unbalanced, heavy & problem matic, but crack on & believe me you will regret your purchase
  7. Air Arms Pro Sport mk1 .177

    That prosport is a topper, it was mine & I would be more than happy to have it back so if mark doesn’t want it I will take it !
  8. hw35 follow-up

    Good bit of work on the buttoning, that is a very good modification, well done mate
  9. HW100S leak repair????

    Chances are you need to put it back together, and fill it from a charging cylinder giving it a good sharp blast of air , not a pump!
  10. Anybody has motocross gear?

    What bike are you getting ?
  11. It looks like an early air arms filling adapter on the Rapid btl, saves taking the btl off to fill, a popular conversion, a pal of mine does it to all of his & makes derlin covers for the adapter.

    Christmas dinner at home this year mate ?
  13. Bangin mk1

    Well I’ve just had a look & it’s sold , so someone thought it was worth it ! Rez, my mk1 is still in the cupboard feeling sorry for itself & it’s a minter lefty
  14. HW35 REFURB

    You should know better , if you think it’s ok, di it again, we want perfection not sub standards you tw@t
  15. HW35 REFURB

    You should have reblued the whole lot from the start ! Have I not taught you about cutting corners ! And you done a mint rebluing on the last Gun !