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  1. Hello All

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  2. New Member Introduction

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  3. Fair Price To Pay.....

    Went to the local pet shop last week and saw a advert in the window for working cooker pups. Ask the lass who owns the shop about the pups and she said that the woman who selling the pups was taking "sensible offers" it turns out that she had her bitch put to a stud dog and the owner of said stud dog told her that she should get the bitch in pup straight away as it will be good for the dog. So the silly moo has got the bitch in pup straight away. She is now struggling to get rid of 3 cocker pups before the bitch whelps again. Talk about breeding for the sake of it. If anyone is interested then pm me and I will get the details . They being sold as working cockers but that is all I know.
  4. Hello From North Wales

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  5. Newbie From Australia

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  9. Best Chippy In Britain?

    For me its the magpie or the quarterdeck in whitby !!!!
  10. New Pup

    A good looking, strong,healthy pup. I hope you have lots of fun with her
  11. Anyone Make Rope Leads?

    I learnt to splice when I was in the merchant navy so I've made a few leads in the past, but I've not made any for a while. I think I might start again cost it'll keep me out of the the way of the wife!!!
  12. Look What Rosco Found

    That's a pack to be proud of!!! Well done
  13. Alright Folks

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  15. West Midlands Says 'ow Bin Ya'

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