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  1. Battery / Electric cars

    unless it has changed with most of them you don`t own the fuel cell, you rent it (at least that's how Nissan worked it)
  2. Battery / Electric cars

    my own opinion is that electric IS the way to go, but the range needs to increase vastly and there is a need to standardise the power cell so you can pull up, swap out the power unit and be on your way smartly, as long as the re-charge time is so long compared to the range they are a dead duck, OK if your in big towns or cities but if you live out in the sticks they are a waste of time and money
  3. Muntjac in Wales

    we`re easy going here, anyone welcome, you should have noticed that by now, if not f/off back over Offa`s dyke
  4. Nissan pathfinder

    thing with sticking it in auto is it will only go into 4wd when it`s needed rather than you waiting for the wheels to spin and think "oh shit", it can cost MPG if conditions are not good but there again if it was bad and you thought you needed to switch on the 4wd mode that would also cost, as for the most economic revs to run a motor at you need look at the power curves, peak torque is when an engine is running at it`s optimum, hopefully that`s below the max speed limit but there again, if fuel consumption is a concern don`t buy any offroader, they all drink fuel
  5. Credit card surcharge ban

    they`ll just jack their prices up to cover it, looks good politically but in real life makes no difference, banks will like it as more of the sheep will use cards over cash giving them more excuses to close branches, really don`t trust this electronic banking shit and until the banks take the hit for scams rather than the customers I won`t use electronic banking, young or old the same rule applies, cash is king
  6. What the F are they thinking

    parole boards are probably staffed by people with degrees hanging out of their arses who have no idea about the real world outside of the utopia that their university education has drummed into them, any notion that they may be mistaken (rather that plain wrong) is something they cannot comprehend, this is whats wrong with many systems that currently govern how we are supposed to live, the c**ts have no clue what happens in the streets around us but we still keep voting for the same twats who do their utmost to ensure it keeps going on
  7. Homophobic abuse?

    why is there a big song and dance over this, who has labelled it homophobic, is it actually anti gay or not to call someone a poof, lets face it, he is a poof/queer/turdburgler, accept it or start shagging women you soft homo twat
  8. celebrity juice

    never found any of his characters funny in any way, only thing he does do well is choose others to appear in his shows, they make the programs watchable (hmmmm, willoughbooby, yum), the guy himself is an arse of the first order
  9. anybody work on the railways

    join any railway union, all the comrades will strike to ensure you get top marks at every level
  10. depends on how it`s edited, bet with the currant anti-hunting theme all over telly it won`t be that good for us
  11. Nissan Pathfinder

    pathfinder is the same as the pick-up, just one piece body instead of cab and load bed, suffers from all the problems the d40`s get
  12. Labour Sinking To New Lows

    why the feck is anyone surprised at the labour party antics, they want the socialist system here, WE`RE ALL EQUAL COMRADES`, yeh, right, like their utopian dream state, Russia, bet the politburo thought the same as they sped down their own lane in the roads that all the other comrades were banned from using, bet they thought the same when they were in what we`d call private hospitals having better care than everyone else, bet they thought they were equal when they had access to better food when everyone else lined up for f***ing cabbages to make soup, Corbyn is a total career politico dickhead who is, when you research his behaviour, more two faced than most of the rest but because behaved like the proverbial "grey man" he was not noticed , problem is, the grey man is starting to behave like some of the worst dictators, stick to my line or my people will deal you
  13. West Wales, Best Spots To Visit

    no point at all asking where to go without giving some idea of where your going, all the english just think we`re a small pain in their arse but wales is a bit bigger than that with a very varied coastline
  14. Norfolk Trouble

    good to see all the gippo`s/pikeys/travellers being so f***ing quiet on here over this, maybe they are starting to realise that the behaviour of some is inexcusable, time they started to stop acting like a certain other crowd and sorted their shit out, then they might start getting in a more welcoming attitude than the pure (deserved) hatred they get now
  15. Rspca

    surely there is someway this can be put in front of a judge and the case be put foreward that they are using their financial power to drag things out as long as possible rather than staying to the rule of law, it`s supposed to regard all as equals, whats your brief`s view of requesting a judicial review?