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  1. A light dusting......

    There all starting to show there age no mate just luke the rest of us, any plans to bring a pup on
  2. Purse nets

    Had a few nets of a diffrent kind off the man and as said above he' a gent to deal with and there the best nets I've used
  3. Snowing

    Tell you mate I've met some pretty fecking thick walkers some of them think their indestructible lol
  4. Your welcome mate take your time and get it the way you want it atb
  5. I just made mine to suit the end of that shed mate, over all its 2m high by 2m wide and 550mm deep, and divide evenly into 3, since that I have added a large roofed run/play area with logs hammock tubes etc, and it's accessed by a couple of bits of tubing, hope it helps mate atb with your decisions
  6. That' mine afore a few coats of stain, all 3 are linked with a rope and a ramp but can be closed off to separate the hob come spring time
  7. Working dogs

    Who's Kev this honest and trustworthy bloke ?
  8. 2 hares

    You ever fancy a run over your mates land let me know I'll supply the dog and you can have it away on your toes if need be lol, nice looking animal, do you miss the coursing? Nice to here of people who won' t shoot them
  9. 2 hares

    Tell your farmer friend I'll gladly thin then out with the dog
  10. Lovely looking bitch there cocker looks a powerful animal, how did you find her was she a fast up and at them type?
  11. This is my bitch aswell Romeo x Floss got a shoulder inj7ry during the summer but seems to be coming back ok just lacks real fitness always next season
  12. How you finding him so far this season you done much with him
  13. Cheers cocker mine was 7mths there on the 14th
  14. Here the pup I've on at the moment, Romeo x Bella, Bella being Rosie Jamie