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  1. Recruitment agencies

    I've just been through the mincer dealing with agencies, can't stand them, salesmen , will say anything, generally don't have any knowledge of the work and will lie through their teeth. A modern day parasite, why these companies can't go direct to jobsites when they're taking on a hundred blokes I don't know , Atb Joe
  2. Holy crap how will we make up the shortfall?

    My first post on this new fangdangled version of the hunting life, can we please vacate the EU and move on, sick and tired of the British media and politics trying to sow seeds of fear . Globalisation has created the worst of capitalism, well off countries have neglected their own for the sake of the rich minority, in an attempt to lower labour costs, you only have to look at America , how they outsourced all their labour, mostly to China and alike, then the recession hit and not only are their own hit twice the Chinese and other impoverished nations are also destitute, all across Europe the same is occurring, labour from poorer countries is flooding in to wealthier countries to bolster the richest , factory owners, farmers , construction , medical all now rely on foreign labour costs, it's divisive and tears families apart, the cost of living in the UK if you're not a property owner and haven't inherited property in extortionate, bills and taxes are ludicrous and immigrant labour has an unprecedented advantage, I live abroad now as I feel I can give my family a better life, and have a good work life balance in a couple of years but I don't begrudge any of the aforementioned other than the top of the chain , who have forgotten any national loyalty, or loyalty to the working class. It's unfortunate that most British are foolish, and trust in the political system, the EU is trying to emulate the USA , capitalist systems require growth that society cannot provide and the bubble will burst soon enough. I hope that Britain has the balls to take these first steps and realise that in order to move forward in a fair and humane manner we must lead in making changes, we must lose our liberal elitism, take power away from globalisation and media, lose political correctness , speak as it is and remember what we are and where we came from and where our moral compass should truly point, Atb Joe
  3. New layout

    I only really used the new content button of late , to have a quick browse etc, think it'll be a bit arduous now, or maybe I'm reaching it illiteracy, Atb Joe
  4. Cracking stuff, perch is my favourite species, used to fish for them in the Thames on a stick float with brandling, we used to grow our own bait in steel stillages with hesian sacks sandwiched between horse manure, lift a layer or sack and all the worms wood dangle , great times, Atb Joe
  5. We Visit From A Beardie Cross

    Great to see folk investing in their future dogs, both look nicely put together Atb Joe
  6. Barbour Stinks Any Tips ?

    Maybe stick in in the freezer in a plastic bag, might kill some of the smelly bacteria, Atb Joe
  7. Would You Take The Fence

    Life's too short leave the fence, take the toilet roll and lightbulbs....
  8. Weekend Thread.

    In the airport, going to see wife and kids after 5months of being away, big fry up planned for the morning , then a mooch with the dogs.... Let the good times roll.
  9. Third Little Night Stroll

    Good times ahead, Atb Joe
  10. Walking Stick Stand

    Make a sketch and pop in your local fabrication shop, might be more than helpful, and there's nearly always off cuts to get rid of,
  11. Purchases/ Found/ Built

    Very nice , I like simple clean designs, saw marks , I don't like paint on stuff, be a while before I can afford to get arty farty on my house and garden but stuff like that is spot on, seen some nice garden furniture made using massive steel I beams with tops clad in hardwood. Pinterest can have me hooked for hours looking for inspiration and ideas, Atb Joe
  12. Walking Stick Stand

    You could do it in mild/carbon and coat with quality plasicoat or get it powder coated.
  13. Walking Stick Stand

    Well if I was knocking it up I'd cap the ends of box section with stainless and drill and tap it or drill some holes prior to welding them on and tack nuts on the inside, if you've any mates or acquaintances with a fab shop it's probably two hours work to cut box, mag drill stick holes in box and cap ends . Only an idea and some light oak wood look nice with the stainless
  14. Pheasants

    Perfectly legal, I think the game license is irrelevant, I've not ever known anybody have one . You're on perm and they're in season, best in a curry or stew in my view or breasted off and wrapped in fatty bacon , Atb Joe
  15. Old Time Ravers Lol

    I had mates into rave , drum and bass all that, I can honestly say I never got it. I grew up listening to my mum's rock around the clock haha