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  1. Bushing Terrier

    Do you have any pictures please
  2. Walther Cp88 C02 Pistol

    Where are you based mate
  3. Walther Cp88 C02 Pistol

    Hi mate is it bb or pellet?
  4. Lurcher Bitch

    What is she like with other dogs and is she quiet in kennel and good with kids
  5. Bushing Pack Or Sold As Individual

    Do you have more pics of her cheers
  6. Bushing Pack Or Sold As Individual

    What would you take realisticly for the wippet x bitch?
  7. Subaru Forester

    Yeah mate its a genuine subaru dog guard with scooby badge on in dark grey cost me 100 second hand few year ago.
  8. Subaru Forester

    Im in hertfordshire mate i have one off a 2000 model £50 collection only tho mate
  9. Subaru Forester

    Where are you mate?
  10. R10 Reg & Probe

    Would you take 10 mate
  11. Bait Making Kit

    Hi mate what do you need?
  12. Bsa Ultra Multishot.22

    Do you have any pics please and would you post?
  13. Rizzini 12G O/u

    Where are you based mate
  14. Bargain Springer Set Up £60 Ono

    Where are you mate
  15. 12Mm Lead Catapult Ammo

    Hi mate where are you based? Hiw much is p&p cheers