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  1. Countryside March 1998

    i was there. went down on the train from Durham. Braes of Derwent sorted it. had a cracking day but i always said it was done on the wrong day. should have being done on a week day and it would have brought London to a fair old standstill and caused a lot more upheaval
  2. lit it snow

    im old enough to remember some of the bad winters we had in the 70s and 80s but on the news we have a new weather phenomenon. "thunder snow" . yes thats right, "thunder snow" how are we going to manage ey
  3. lit it snow

    its bad here up the pontop pike. roads are bad. expecting a heavy fall of snow tonight and tomorrow.
  4. good win for toon today

    Toon did well and wanted it more. seemed MU never got into gear. great win for Newcastle.........
  5. BORIS

    good ol Borris. GBs educated idiot! what a tool.
  6. Your Life Is Great For Three Reasons?

    kids, wife and bourbon. sometime the kids give me a hard time so i have a little drink, sometimes the wife gives me a hard time so i have a little drink. bourbon i drink because i enjoy it and it has the bonus of taking all the nagging and shit the wife and kids throw at me clean away!
  7. Boxing At The Weekend...

    that was a bad decision to stop that fight when it was. joshua was well ahead but stop was premature imo
  8. Would You Take The Fence

    id pull it down and burn it for them to see.
  9. Vic Granger Print

    mmm id be worried it was damaged but if you're prepared to take the chance ye id post it for you
  10. Home Brewing

    i agree about temp consistency but how do you lads achieve it, I have a brew heater, it’s similar to a fish tank heater,I am up on the borders, and the temp is up and down like a brides knighty, also how do think barometric pressure affects it, or even if you agree it does, easiest way is to set up a fridge with a small tube heater and a temperature controller. very easy and works a treat. have a look on youtube for vids.
  11. Home Brewing

    the coopers irish stout it really nice if made with spraymalt instead of sugar.
  12. Vic Granger Print

    dh9 area. could meet up within reason though
  13. Vic Granger Print

    as title. Ld edition 195 of 500 and signed located county Durham. Buyer collect. £30
  14. Boxing At The Weekend...

    eubank made short work of that!