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  1. nice bolt today

    Good write up. Just shows that anyone can have a go at terrier work
  2. first day of the seson

    Not bad mate. Most hedges are still too thick round here
  3. Dead day old chicks

    Anyone in the lincolnshire area know a local place to get any day old chicks? Don't need more than 400 really. Any replies are appreciated
  4. permission needed !!

    Worst they're going to say is no
  5. Ferret collar on your young ferret

    I just put a leather ferret collar on them and let them have it on for a few hours. Makes it 100 times easier when it comes to taking them out for real
  6. food costs ?

    They can be very cheap to keep. I have a chest freezer which i can keep about 60+ rabbits in and these are used during the months that i don't go ferreting. I feed rabbit in the evenings when the weather is hot and remove the bones the next morning to prevent it smelling. Then i feed biscuits during the day, but they don't tend to eat as much in the summer anyway. In the winter, they are pretty much fed pure rabbit. I also feed the odd egg/pheasant etc to mix it up
  7. ticks in hard to reach places.

    frontline spray. best thing for the job
  8. Aaaaawwww

    Awesome pic!
  9. best locater

    Go for the Mk3m, I think they're worth the money and they do hold their value quite well if you decide to sell it later on. Never had any problems with mine.
  10. Ferret Help, Desperate.

    This is good advice. Will be much easier than hand rearing and the mother should be able to cope with them. Good luck anyway!
  11. new to ferreting help needed

    Do the ferrets eat any rabbit? Sometimes, if you feed them rabbit they will associate the smell of the rabbit with food which means they will work better when underground and not miss any rabbits that are in stop ends. Try only ferreting the holes that look used/fresh, even though it isn't the right time of year for it.
  12. Ferret Help, Desperate.

    Sorry to hear about your ferret. At the age they are now they should be eating solid food. I've got a litter of 5 that will be 4 weeks on saturday too, and they're all eating solid food. Mine seem to like softened biscuit and minced beef. I've never had to foster any of mine onto another mother before but they should be old enough to survive on their own, even though you may have to hand feed them regularly throughout the day.
  13. new to ferreting help needed

    Are the ferrets actually working and not coming out the same hole each time?
  14. Ferrets your biggest litter

    I had a litter of 7 and 5. 10 jills and 2 hobs altogether, so pretty good
  15. 3 Hob kits Free

    No earlier than 8 weeks, best time to see which ones you prefer to keep anyway