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  1. Chris how's it going buddy happy new year to you and the family.dogs going well I hope,see and your fellow men are getting a bit of stick from Cooney don't mind him so he just likes to think he's an authority on every subject anyone mentions.Are you hunting much these days if so are you getting many coons. 

  2. Brightmoor Bred Dog

    Most of Mr Brays terriers were red in colour in the seventies Bingo etc.
  3. Did Anyone Of You Terrier Men Know This Man

    Did he breed them Lew.
  4. Did Anyone Of You Terrier Men Know This Man

    New him well used to dig with him in the late sixties and seventies a true dogman that never called anybody.Used to dig a lot of stuff round Cheshire.
  5. R.i. P. Tosh

    Never met the man but heard fatman talk good things about him RIP Tosh.
  6. Adam just finished reading the book Grit,realy enjoyed it good reading well done.
  7. Prolapse

  8. Looking forward to reading it Adam cant wait to receive it.
  9. Breeding Young Terriers

    No the dog in Blucks book is a Greatgrand son to the Nigger dog there talking about.
  10. That's Me Done

    He will be back its in his blood you will see
  11. Sample Of Book - Second Try ; )

    Good luke with the book mosby will make good reading
  12. Thomas "tommy" O' Reilly, Cork

    So sorry to hear this bad news,a big loss to the terrier word.Rest in peace Tommy.
  13. Lost Skills?

    Their was a lot less terrier men before the locater came out.On yer knees all the time wet through wast for everyone.