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  1. Beretta Silver Pigeon 2

    Cheers mate it's a stunning gun
  2. Don't want to sell but needs must. Very clean gun multi choke cased clean bores very nice gun gutted to sell if you pm me I'll send you pics don't no how to put them up thanks £1100 pembrokeshire thanks
  3. .243 Brass

    Where abouts are you mate
  4. Beretta 686

    Pics please
  5. Goodd video mate nice shooting
  6. Like that wish I had space in the cabinet atb with the sale
  7. Bigger Pond Build

    That's brilliant that mate fair play would love a pond like that just aint got the room fair play that a cracking set up for the dog what above the box is it more cages fair play atb
  8. Brilliant job mate atb
  9. Everyone ones something for nothing does your head in atb with the sale
  10. Update On Drahthaar .

    Looking forward to seeing the videos lovely looking dog atb
  11. Make Your Own Tools Thread.

    Haven't been on in ages glad I come on now amazing work Griff pm a price for one of those mate
  12. My First Gundog

    cheers lads had her round alot of dogs since I been on here last she has come on loads now all she wants to do is play with them she's not showing that scared attitude now so she's coming on well and picking alot of things up quick thanks
  13. hope you get it back mate all the best with it