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  1. Wee mooch in the sun

    Nice dogs mate, Whats in the black dog besides spaniel?
  2. New ferret today

    I feel sorry for the bloke who posted this topic, I bet he didnt think it would turn into a slagging match for two f***ing babies...
  3. Indian runner ducks

    Shame mate, what incubator are you using
  4. Ducks and Mud

    you will get there mate!
  5. Ducks and Mud

    Brill, yes comments in reply to the question asked which was ''How do the rest of you cope with mud in your runs?''
  6. Ducks and Mud

    I know your pain, i was lucky enough to get hold of some wood chippings to do one small area.. Going to try get some more, straw works for a short while, not long though
  7. Ducks and Mud

    Do you keep ducks? No one asked for your observations...
  8. Looking for some loagans

    where are you located mate, i could spare a couple no doubt
  9. Looking for some loagans

    nice birds mate
  10. Losing a worker

    Whats your location mate, sorry to hear it
  11. New video

    brilliant footage
  12. Mallards

    I just cannot see them being beneficial egg layers in comparison to typical egg laying breed
  13. Mallards

    What would you want them for, which purpose?
  14. Team photo !

    very nice trio. hows the one on the left bred
  15. Few from this spring and summer the allotment

    Meat I can't comment as ive never ate a bird of my own apart from Turkey. Eggs taste much better imo. Also usally get double yolkers so that's a bous