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  1. Collie/Grey x Whippet

    ergh mongrel
  2. Back at them

    Brillant day out lads, dog looks a cracker
  3. Out with the youngsters

    Brilliant! Pictures paint a thousand words!!! Nice collie dog too!
  4. Best ducks to breed for meat

    If you have the room, try and rear two different types such as the muscovy and or pekin type and see which you prefer
  5. Best ducks to breed for meat

    Id say Muscovy, They make brilliant mothers and have huge clutches. Quiet too. Males get a very very good size
  6. Just A Few Pics

    Hes good mate, good nose, good jacket, nice and quick and his retrieve is spot on
  7. White Pheasants

    Haha judging by the kos on your picture I can guess who you are haha. Cheers bud
  8. White Pheasants

    Aye he has slight flashing to his chest. The feathers that are the flashing are the colour of a normal ringneck pheasant
  9. White Pheasants

    Cheers. I bought the eggs on eBay a couple of year back. Then I bought from a different seller so I could keep a unrelated cock bird.
  10. White Pheasants

    Cheers. Yeah the goldens are beautiful to look at. The screeching call the male does is ear piercing haha
  11. Just A Few Pics

    Cheers hes mainly beddy whippet some grey along the lines. Stands at 21 inch I think
  12. Just A Few Pics

    Cheers shes a deerhound collie grey think poss some beddy
  13. Just A Few Pics

    Wondering how long it would take you. I've told you they are borzoi CROSS greyhound
  14. Just A Few Pics

    Cheers bud, Yeah hes easy on the eye too!
  15. Rain Cover ?

    If I were you id source some a poly carb sheet, Cut it to size and make it so you can pop it on the front during bad weather but easy enough to take off when its dry