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  1. Hey Ted for turkey and speed goats have u looked into heading south, I am sure I heard Montanna has fairly open draws / tags for a lot of species for non US residents and Canadians, might work out cheaper.
  2. Fair play Ted I assumed it was the winters slowing the breeding rate down here, but if u seen a sow with piglets in Jan i guess not. Hopefully they head west from you, I'm in Sherwood Park.👍
  3. I've been in alberta nearly 6 years and have seen one in that time, I agree they are a challenge. There is a few isolated spots with them but the people in the know keep it to themselves. I don't think they are the problem here they are in the States, to many wolves and the cold winters limits breeding. The word was that very few people claimed the bounty
  4. Apparently Google Chrome and Foxfire have found a way to access the photos that Photobucket.com does not now allow you to post to 3rd party sites anymore without paying a high price. In the cases where former/current PhotoBucket users haven't deleted all their albums, Chrome and Firefox now have an extension, Photobucket Embed Fix, that will display 3rd party hosted images. It will fix all your broken pics, no need for you to do anything, it runs entirely in the background. Click Tools>Add-Ons (Or press CTL+Shift+A) >select Extensions > enter "photobucket embed" in the Search box (upper right corner) > then click the install button. Doesn't work on all but seems to for most.
  5. On A Bear Hunt

    One of the biggest grizzlies every shot was taken with a 22 Long, (it would not be my choice of caliber ) https://www.google.ca/search?q=bella+twin+record+grizzly&oq=bella+twin+record+grizzly&aqs=chrome..69i57.9178j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  6. Fuerteventura

    There is a few lads from this site (Wirral Sea Fishing) that have been going for the last couple of years I think, they seem to do well, lots of variety and big fish possible from the shore. http://www.wirralseafishing.co.uk/forum/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=57&t=30802 Gaz Edited to add, they have had some great fish from over there, search the site to find his other reports.
  7. Alaska ??

    Here in Alberta, (Canada) you have to hunt with a guide or hunter host. No requirement on the host been a relative though. So long as they are a Alberta resident and hold a valid hunting licence I believe you are ok. You have to pay more and you can only hunt on general tags for animals the locals dont have to enter draws for, but there is huge areas of crown land where you do not need permission. There is a chance of black bear, whitetail and mule deer, elk, moose, wolf and coyote. None would be easy and would involve travelling away from the major cities and towns, to areas with limited access making it very tough on foot. As others have said hunting in the wilderness carries dangers alot different to hunting in the uk. For more info on alberta hunting see http://albertaregulations.ca/huntingregs/licencecosts.html
  8. Winter Piking

    Move every 1/2 hour or 40 mins as well, you will find stretches with very few and stretches where they and the bait fish congregate.
  9. Can't Wait To Show This Footage!

    Great vids mate
  10. Sturgeon

    Jeremy wade has caught big sturgeon (around 10ft from memory) from both the Fraser and Colombia rivers.I think the Columbia River (USA) was shown one of his episodes.
  11. Fur Harvesters Nwt

    Over here it was aired on Wild TV, I run kodi on an android box and have not seen that channel anywhere
  12. Fur Harvesters Nwt

    Not sure if you will get to see it or not in the uk, so not much help to you sorry, but watched most of the series here in Canada and to be honest, I much prefered his youtube channel. It wasn't bad viewing by any means, just not quite as raw and a bit more toned down than what he is normally like. Filming quality etc was better though
  13. Carp Fishing Baits?

    I think a big part in bait choice is the hair rig. Before it was developed carp were seen as practically mythical and almost uncatchable. Using the hair rig turned carp fishing on its head, and using baits suited to it made perfect sense.
  14. http://m.liveleak.com/view?i=6ef_1461709070 Apparently 1910 footage of a Russian wolf hunt with dogs. Only short but quite good. Originally posted this in general discussion but probably better suited here.
  15. http://m.liveleak.com/view?i=6ef_1461709070 Apparently 1910 footage of a Russian wolf hunt with dogs. Only short but quite good.