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  1. Thank you Albert! I'll let you know if I able to make it down on the Saturday.
  2. Albert, all the very best to yourself, to everyone at The Great Game Fairs Of Ireland and to all the organisers and those who promote the various fieldsports events on display. I hope the weather will be kind and all involved have a fabulous weekend.
  3. Some Hunts From Recent Days

    Cheers Stealthy but I just go myself a Hawke Sidewinder 30 TAC 4.5-15 x 42. Hope to get it mounted on the Air Rifle sometime soon
  4. Some Hunts From Recent Days

    With any shots taken using the primos with the scopecam mounted the rifle butt is supported against my chest, which is less steadier, rather than my shoulder. When out recording I try to take as many shots as possible lying in the prone position but it's not always possible. Daz
  5. Decoying, Made Deadly.

    Here's a great link for making a diy cradle https://youtu.be/nupDmSf6R8g
  6. Some Hunts From Recent Days

    Mark, those trigger sticks just spoil you at times though it's still tricky shooting off them with two cameras mounted onto your rifle and trying to twist your neck while looking at the screen on the scopecam. Trying to get decent footage has its pitfalls 😂😂. The amount of rabbits I don't even get a shot at is ridiculous because i've flaffed about too much with the cameras.
  7. Some Hunts From Recent Days

    Thanks guys for the comments. Villaman if I ever pluck up the courage to talk in one of the videos you'll tell from my accent that i'm from a different part of the country than Hunters Vermin 😂😂 though maybe to you we all sound the same.
  8. Folks here's a link to my latest short video of some Air Rifle Hunting - pest control of rabbits with some shooting at night at the end. Hope you enjoy. Sorry to all those who can't follow the link https://youtu.be/V7srG-sC7ss
  9. Fx2000

    Great shooting!! What mod are you using on the AAS510 and do you think it makes much of a difference? Atb Daz
  10. Bisley Magnums

    Great write up!!! And good shooting!! I bought a tin of bisley mags to try them out. At 30yards with no adjustments made to my scope from shooting AA Diablo Field they were spot on but I find my grouping is more consistent with the Diablo Field.
  11. Rabbit Pest Control

    Around 27ft/lb. Regardless of the power of an air rifle in NI you still need a FAC. That's been the law for years. I'm not sure what the law states about bb guns, airsoft etc.
  12. Rabbit Pest Control

    Yes Rez they are very long....too long tbh in my opinion but it is my first firearms and I probably should have read up on it more. In saying that it was a friend who sold me it and i got it at a good price and yes that shot at 3:10 was a second pellet 👍 well spotted!!
  13. It's been a few weeks since i've been out and managed to get some footage. Here's a link to my latest video. Hope you enjoy!! Sorry to those folk who can watch the link. Atb Daz https://youtu.be/VPCawUDvbhM
  14. Filthy Winged Rats

    Great shooting....sounds like hard work!!
  15. Ferret Show and Racing at SHANES CASTLE GAME FAIR, NORTHERN IRELAND. The Ferret Show and Racing will be on Sunday the 25th of June at 11:00am in the Countrysports In Action Arena. Classes for Ferret Show depending on numbers as follows: 1 Albino Hob 2 Albino Jill 3 Polecat Hob 4 Polecat Jill 5 EU Hob 6 EU Jill 7 Any other colour Hob 8 Any other colour Jill If there is enough interest there will be a class for kits. Winners from each class to compete for Overall Best In Show. Trophies for each class winner with rosettes up to 3rd place and the Best In Show to receive a beautiful handcrafted bronze trophy. Racing will follow immediately after the show with Champion and Reserve Champion Rosettes and a beautiful handcrafted bronze trophy for the winner. There will be no entry fee so bring along as many ferrets as you wish and let's see your ferrets on display!!