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  1. Sleaze Bags.

    micheal portillo looks dodgy
  2. Geldof!

  3. Football Lads Alliance

    I wonder if they meet with any resistance from local mudlimes-some how I doubt it lads
  4. Air Chrony

    and this is the very reason small business go tits up -they need to realise its us customers that keep them trading and should do their utmost to keep us on board
  5. Tory May Ffs

    most spineless mp ive ever seen no fckin wonder corbyn is making headway -
  6. Mac Something For The Weekend Sir?

    if I knew yous were there I would have liked to meet up lads we could have had a bit laugh couldn't believe how many duck dynasty lookalikes were there lol
  7. Mac Something For The Weekend Sir?

    got there about 9.30 and left at 12 .00 noon we did have a bit laugh outside firing air rifles -alan pretending he had never fired a gun in his life -bloke said "your a natural" lol then onto a bit archery ---glad there was no horses on the track lol
  8. Mac Something For The Weekend Sir?

    cant see big mac buying owt from show me and pav and craig went today and thought it was crap I still spent £100 though -oh and don't get me started on the full English Breakfast! from upstairs food place -ftm
  9. Vote Tory To Deliver Brexit

    this is the reason I wont EVER vote again -corrupt to the core -your vote means nothing imho -the remainers are pulling the strings for the puppets
  10. Joint Effort

    and a well done to pav as well lads as he did his half of the bag [quicker than me]
  11. I'm A Englishman

    don't take part in any topics that offend you and you be fine -Ian B isn't to blame ffsk he works for his living and cant look at every post put on here -were all adults on here [hopefully] and should be able to take any criticism thrown our way and vice versa only posts that should be reported are peados nonces child abuse etc
  12. Joint Effort

    still a fair few about mate
  13. Joint Effort

    jimmy you DID have a good day you went out and got a decent bag in anyones eyes atvb -billy
  14. I got a phone call from my friend alan [pav] asking if I could help him out with an order for 100 rabbits from his game dealer so we decided to put our skills to the test and set off out to a decent permission a few hrs down the road . we decided to get 50 rabbits apiece and return to motor and so the challenge began lol, guns loaded rucksacks on backs we arranged to just split up and alan headed off into the pitch black to my right and it wasn't long before I heard his 1st shot hit home ,so im thinking this could turn into a race as to who gets the 50 first and im off ! I had a slow start but then using a dry stone wall as cover and to lean rifle on I bagged a good 8 or nine in quick succession and rather than carry them I just dumped them at a gate to pick up on way back -"I wonder how alans getting on ?" was on my mind all the time -I picked up a heat scource on a wall and it was a rather large rat & as I love shooting them this one was dropped off the wall onto the field I wont bore you lads but after 2-3 hours I had my magic 50 and headed back to motor only to find alan sitting there having a brew! " now alan has a great sense of humour and he just said "what took you so long lad?" ive been here ages he said damn it I thought I had "won" but fair play to alan he is a very good shot and quick as f**k with it ,we had a bit laugh and discussed our last few hours and then it dawned on me I had left my 1st rabbits at the gate! so off I went while alan set them up for the picture
  15. out last night after tea and an hour+ drive me and two mates arrived up near Scottish borders and a cuppa with the keeper and he showed us were "all" the rats were -or should that be "weren't" lol said hundreds spotted by farm hands cutting fields but either they telling porkies or the rats have moved only saw a few and they were very small dropped a few bunnies between us and a hare decided to run into front of motor on way to a few fields [not getting wasted] a few ferals from two barns and we headed back home