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  1. they are pricey mate but i a good long term investment
  2. nv would be my choice a yr or so ago as most of our quarry have just about sussed out a torch and even with nv the ir spooks them --now thermal has arrive its a game changer so i went thermal route -call it cheating but i love using mine I'm amazed at the critters i can observe whilst out hunting
  3. Just opened a mouse restaurant in my garage

    heard a few fighting /mating? in back of garage last night so traps been set -mind you i did shoot one off bird feeder using the thermal shortly afterwards not much left to cook with as some flew into next doors garden
  4. Airgun moderators

    A&M marksman / weirauch
  5. FAC Airgun

    my mk2 isn't scalloped lads a good fettled rapid is as good a hunting tool as you likely to get be it sub 12 or fac
  6. Very early spring

    Snow drops pushing through in garden and birds checking boxes out i saw a feral carry a twig above a shop doorway but think ferals will nest all year if they find a good supply of food
  7. 3rd time lucky

    Perseverance paid off mate well done especially the jay as they are one elusive corvid
  8. Solo mission

    its a&m rez and very quiet but then again anythings quieter than the evo lol ive got a weirauch silencer but in all honesty not much in it between a&m and weirauch my mk2 silencer is quieter but forgot name of it as it come with a shroud barrel inclusive-if I'm honest in recommending a mod A&M would be my choice
  9. Few today

    Semi retired gardener mate
  10. Few today

    Out with ian poppet today with the mk1.s on 2 farms and we just shot around the farm buildings and not as many ferals about for some reason
  11. Solo mission

    Never drew a blank in last ten yrs mate i stay out till i put stuff in bag i just enjoy my shooting
  12. Solo mission

    Working tool jimmy lol
  13. Out today and very little about 1st thing probably because it was minus 5 degrees lol but things picked up as temperature rose 5 picked and lost one with my last shot of the day
  14. Homophobic abuse?

    soft cxnt