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  1. billhardy

    Chris packham

    Lol meant que atb bill
  2. billhardy

    Chris packham

    I see it like this folk have opinions I choose to ignore those who seem hell Benton ruining this here island of ours butt his cuant seems to think he can choose to insult folk with out nothing coming back well black necks oppinions of the smug b*****d are justly rightfull ,I would like to spend several moments in his company so we could put things ta right ,but I feel I am knowingly just in queens atb bill
  3. billhardy

    Chris packham

    fella I know met him involving the haws etc he insulted his private life inadvertently on screen unbeknown to viewers other than the fella directly involved .he will be horizontal on the next meeting that's fa sure.shite bag him .atb bill
  4. billhardy

    Fast Dogs for hard ground

    Theme in the midlands beat both north and south hands down ran em from the outer islands down ta the cliffs yeah midland winter wheat .atb bill
  5. billhardy

    Show us your Bull x

    I know black neck appreciate a well bred bull xs quality if I don't say myself atb Bill
  6. billhardy

    lurchers (breeding)

    John Lennon pure on a f1 collie xs grey
  7. billhardy

    Show us your Bull x

    That sapling straight out a paddy the saluki and Wheaton bull grey some b*****d nicked her.atbbill
  8. billhardy

    lurchers (breeding)

    Jut this up fa ya Ray jaz Buck has youngsters f1buck generation bred jaz.atb bunnys
  9. billhardy

    lurchers (breeding)

    That soft creme itch bred down from old coursing lines ,plenty big enough easy handle catch plenty long ears bags and bags of coneys there's plent like this still here in these parts fast types and can hang on abit.atb bill
  10. billhardy

    lurchers (breeding)

    It's right what's been said find a collies xs grey with umpteen gens workers same could be said of lots a types there may be odd uns ,but coursing types are streets ahead of all the Xes family best ob best over many decades ,thing his now it's the norm they mostly all carry very good lines.yeah nice pic t two crows ,,there's plenTy bits as types about these parts lthey all have the saluki in there in some way or other from tor Dartmoor or gingers Luke,they add massive pluses .atb bill