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  1. Cannabis oil

    Here you go https://www.quintessentialtips.com/collections/cbd-tea-uk the wife buy these for bad back https://www.quintessentialtips.com/collections/cbd-tea-uk/products/dr-greenlove-s-amsterdam-cbd-tea-25-sachets
  2. Vac packer

  3. Notts doorman

    Believe it or not some places are paying £8 and up its not worth working door anymore
  4. Polycarbonate greenhouse

    Don’t use nails as ground pins mate 4ft pins only in this f***ing wind
  5. worming tablets - prazital

    This fella http://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/profile/2037-donnyc/
  6. Notts doorman

    Doorman could have just pushed him over ffs I’m a small skinny c**t and Work doors no f***ing need give us all a bad name ps no we don’t get to keep the drugs we advise the c**ts to leave and come back off there heads why f**k a man night up
  7. handheld thermal

    Any links to which thermal you have mate
  8. Pigeon decoying equipment

    I offer £100
  9. Christmas Sale

    Are you having a sale on the XQ38F model
  10. lost car keys

    Yes remember where you lost them lol
  11. Holidays next year.

    just a few all taken with an iphone yes all wild but in a closed park lions where less then 3 meters away
  12. Holidays next year.

    Yep in Kenya mate did Tsavo east Tsavo west take a look on here http://www.freedomafrica.co.uk/kenya-holidays/safaris/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIlKyO0o2O2AIVGd0bCh0qlQBLEAAYAiAAEgJDsfD_BwE
  13. Link not working for me mate
  14. CZ .22lr magazines

    It will help if you say which cz they fit mate
  15. This one punched me right in the gut

    Shed a tear myself , thanks for sharing.