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  1. A mod for the .243

    I have both a-tec and wildcat and the wildcat is a lot quieter,wf
  2. Survival rate question

    I totally agree with you,vane farm rspb on loch leven done a lapwing ,oyster catcher and curlew reintroduction scheme,they blamed it on hoody and carrion crows,so there idea was to cut down all the large trees so they couldn’t nest in them,I was asked what I thought about the idea and told them crows will nest in bushes and what about the foxes,pine martens,badgers,weasels,stoats and otters that are about the place ,according to them they don’t eat eggs,anyway they cut the trees down and it was an instant success they had seven nesting pairs of lapwings over ten years,years ago the place was vermin controlled,but not anymore,wf
  3. Magpie call bird

    Go and visit a gamekeeper near you,I’m sure he will happily give you one,but remember they’re fast little fuckers
  4. Rear parcel shelf

    Have you tried dalcrue 4x4
  5. Big Cat Sighting

    Lamping unheard of in 89-90 come on mate i no guys who have been lamping for over 50 years
  6. Pigs 2018

    It won’t look that nice for long,lol
  7. Hamilton hound

    I’ve been out with one or two hounds from Hamilton,lol
  8. FAC law?

    Aye it’s a true saying,never trust something that bleeds for four days and still lives
  9. Miss fire.

    Boil the bolt in water for 20mins then re-oil it
  10. Big Cat Sighting

    What size is the Scottish wildcat compared to a domestic cat
  11. Tracks

    Only a cat or a fox walking will leave prints in a straight line,looking at the distance apart I would have said fox,pine marten prints are just the same as a stoat,weasel or mink,wf
  12. some of the deer we have had

    It may have been a shotgun with a ssg load or similar cartridge and only one pellet making contact usually someone who knows what they are doing with a 22lr would shoot it in the right place,I no someone who used to shoot reds with a 22lr in the right place he was amazing with it ,(I shall now await all the shite from the no all,s ) good night and god bless
  13. Rifle lamp for my savage 223

    That will depend on your scope I would think
  14. fox routine

    Why don’t you wait till it turns up all night if nessesary it may not be only one fox being seen
  15. Rifle lamp for my savage 223

    A t67,3 mode torch from eBay you will get 2 batteries a charger and a clamp to put it on your scope all for 30-40 pound,and you will see a fox clear enough out to 250-300 yards even with a red torch,wf