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  1. Shooting Vertically...

    He might mean down the way,vertical drop?
  2. Live Catch Rabbit Traps

    spot on,but remember to watch out for the odd stoat as it will go up and down your finger like someone playing a mouth organ,and it hurts,wf
  3. Live Catch Rabbit Traps

    Can I ask how you use them then? Because most posts here seem to find them rather limiting. I have used in a domestic garden with carrot as bait in/around trap - but mice seem to take them. Have used in fields with the traps set to catch rabbits as they run for home, but again limited success. Would love some top tips Torquemada put some wheat in them
  4. Bird Attractant

    It does work,but once it’s finished the birds will go elsewhere looking for it,wf
  5. Whats The Best Boot

    the extreme cold weather boots are lowa and are excellent A lot of my mates bought, these they aren't made by Lowa and the eyelets all pulled out after a few weeks of use.im on my second pair after ten years and not had any problems At all they even have a vibram sole and they’re the same as my mates Lowas
  6. Whats The Best Boot

    the extreme cold weather boots are lowa and are excellent
  7. Plummer Breading

    In the top pedigree I see there are champions,what are these terriers champions off,just curious
  8. Antler's.???

    Sound like my brother , his toolkit consists of 1smallish hammer , 1 big hammer and a pudlock ...not many jobs he can't tackle ........funny though they all look the same when he's done , lots of small pieces with sharp edges ..☹️an old lad told me once the best tool in the box is a hammer you will use it more often than any other
  9. Antler's.???

    An ordinary wood saw will do the job
  10. Doubling Up Dogs

    Two terriers in an earth hole,there ain't the room for two of them to work a fox,two in a rock pile or cairn can be a different matter,I'm sure when these old terrier men / huntsmen talk about worrying a fox is to have it killed,always one terrier for the job,atb wf
  11. Plummer Breading

    Can you not breed brother with sister if there Plummer terriers
  12. Advice Wanted

    The only time you. Will need to show a dsc ticket in Scotland is to sell them to the game dealer,a mate of mine has land he shoots red deer on and he lives south of the border,just get them dealt with,atb wf
  13. Rear Dif Wind Up ?

    Good to hear it's sorted
  14. Springer X Foxhound First Cross

    that won't always be the case as you will have went from terrierman to huntsman,anyway go for it,atb wf
  15. Nissan Pathfinder

    Watch out for the road tax££££££££££££